Underwear is a phenomenon celebrated around the world, but until recently, I have not realized that no one celebrates underwear like an Italian. I had the privilege of participating in one of Italy’s most popular lingerie brands Intimissimi’s F/W 18/19
fashion show. It seems that walking on the streets of Verona, eating ice cream, getting
VIP treatment from the lovely team is not enough, I have to talk to all the underwear
one by one with the world famous It girl and Italian superstar Chiara Ferragni. After I
arrived, Ferragni immediately stood up and greeted me. Wearing a transparent long-
sleeved black Intimissimi bodysuit and fashionable black trousers, I guessed the costume
I chose for the second time.

But we started talking about it very quickly, when I asked about the most popular
underwear styles she recently saw in Italy. She seems very happy to answer. “Underwear
as a jacket,” she told me. “This is one of the biggest trends, I like it very much. For
example, I like tights. In general, wear more casual pants or skirts because they feel
feminine, they feel sexy, but at the same time, they are very Comfortable, makes you
feel more confident. I think it’s important not only to focus on the trend, but also to
really understand which way is best for your size and confidence, because if you feel
comfortable, you will never have to try too much. You will lose the beautiful look.”
As for her favorite style of Intimissimi, Ferragni has a clear winner. “I like Irina
leotard because it’s always with me. I don’t usually wear it because it’s a bit sexy,
but it’s awesome. It’s a piece of my color. I always It’s easy to wear with jeans, and
you will immediately feel the surprise.”

Remember, my friends, because the clothes she just described are by far the most
approachable, if you are ready to wear your underwear as a coat. In addition to tights,
there are other works that can be used to participate in the lingerie trends that
Italian girls know and love, including bra tops, dresses and more.

In front, look at the women who participated in the Intimissimi show, wearing a variety
of underwear as a coat and making sure to buy our favorite Intimissimi works at your