Feel sexy on her skin! Charlotte McKinney is on the beach of the beach ambulance, supporting her in the seductive GUESS ad, dancing in the dance hall with the stars, but the 25-year-old model faces us every day. The same struggle.

Best Celebrity Beach Body in 2018: The star opened a new window in a bikini and swimsuit.

Part of her self-love journey is to find not only beautiful underwear, but also the right fit for her. “I have been paying attention to underwear for years and it has been difficult to find the underwear that best fits the chest,” she told Stylish. In order to combat her limited choices, McKinney decided to open a new window with Wolf & Whistle. On November 13th, an affordable series was launched for women in bodice.

Celebrities in underwear: show off their mothers giving them stars in underwear
“I want to create my own underwear collection for a while now because I am not always satisfied with the choices available,” she said. Her 20-piece debut series is for everyone, with cup sizes ranging from 32 to 36 B-G, US 2 to 12, and prices ranging from $15 to $45.

“Confidence is something I have been working on. I hope that through this route, I can help support any other girl who has experienced the same thing. … I want women to be able to put on their own things and feel when they leave home. Good, whether they are wearing T-shirts, working, or being in other important people,” she explained.

The star without underwear opened a new window.

The best part? The style is supportive and sexy. “I looked at the inspiration of the old magazine and the old La Perla ad and stripped it back to the foundation and kept it simple, clean and beautiful,” she revealed.
“I like to feel good under my clothes, and there are some things that suit me. … I think I wear black underwear and a black bra, and anything that hugs my curves in the right way, I Feeling the sexiest, I don’t think I’m protruding or anything too tight or too big,” she said.