The Power Rangers franchise sparked a lot of clothing, fan art and role playing, but now it also inspired Yandy’s range of lingerie.

Yandy also has other popular themed lingerie collections based on franchises like Harry Potter and Disney Princess, and now they have created a new series based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The new collection is known as the Morphin Babe collection and includes a selection of original rangers and popular green rangers.
Each Morphin Babe selection is centered on a different lace design, some one-piece, two more, but all of which have a very electric Ranger-style mask. The range of sizes ranges from S to XL, retail price. For $34.95 you can view the following Ranger suits:
This is the official description of Red Morphin Babe Squad Lingerie clothing:

“Ready to transform into your sexiest version? Command the bedroom in this unique Red Morphin Babe Squad underwear with perspective, eyelash lace, steel cup, strap detail, transparent white mesh panel, lace Bra sleeves with bra sleeves, hook-and-eye closures, high-waist briefs, lace-up details, chunky cross-back, and black mesh mask.

Power Rangers-style underwear is perfect for Halloween, but we’re pretty sure you might want to wear these clothes at home instead of going out. As for the other new features in the series, we can imagine that if these are successful, perhaps other notable franchisees can get underwear processing, but there are many options available.
Although this line is not 2XL or 3XL size, Yandy has other options, such as the Harry Potter and Disney Princess series. I hope that larger products will be added to the Power Rangers series in the future.

You can view the entire collection on Yandy’s website.

As for Power Rangers, the current season is Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, and the 2019 season is Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Recently, Hasbro purchased the franchise from Saban, and Beast Morphers will be the first season under new ownership, although some shows are designed by Saban. The 2020 season will be Hasbro’s first season.