If you grew up in the 90s, then the first experience you buy in underwear is very high through the paper catalog. These models all conform to a similar set of criteria, and the definition of sex seems to be always obvious: less is more, pushing up is the goal. It is safe to say that this is not the way we buy underwear in 2018.

Today some of the coolest lingerie brands are not only suitable for models that represent different backgrounds, sizes and ages, but sex is not the only priority. In fact, it is these brands that make us feel comfortable, confident, bold, unique, and see the brand that ultimately draws our attention. The best place to determine them is social media.

Looking ahead, take a look at some of the lingerie collections that kill it on Instagram – not just through their own channels, but through the communities they cultivate. Whether it’s a model that doesn’t fit any mold, a product that’s sized, or a surprising image to celebrate the lingerie style that makes us happy, or if they make others happy, these are our favorite accounts. In the end, the people we shop.
The recently launched Kala uses a responsible lingerie approach that uses a sustainable collection that provides a soft foundation for a variety of neutral tones.
In less than a year, Rihanna’s underwear collection has attracted attention for its huge size range, trend-forward style, and RiRi’s approved seal. Oh, its fashion show won all New York Fashion Weeks – no big deal.
Lonely is a New Zealand-based lingerie brand that is always a pioneer in its imaging for women of all ages and sizes – always unaffected.

This mall brand has become a leader in inclusive underwear, with a large selection of options, a wide range of sizes, and an unadorned campaign image of season after season, often including inspiring and outspoken women such as Iskra Lawrence, Aly Raisman And Yara Shahidi.