When it comes to underwear, we are proud to know a lot and have good reasons. After the underwear experts put pressure on every theme in the sun and studied the world’s best underwear brands, our recent introduction to the emerging Paris lingerie brand Implicite brought shock to all of us. In fact, we have only heard of Impplicite until recently, which makes us both uneasy and excited. Almost all of the products sold under the brand are priced below $100, and the discovery feels like gold.

We were curious to learn more, and we met with Impity Balzan, the chief designer of Implicite, to learn about the inside story of the brand’s history, making it an intrinsic French brand, and more. In advance, be prepared to read our interview with Verity and buy this less secret French lingerie for yourself. We feel very fast, your cart and the brand will be huge.
Can you give me some background on how the brand starts?

Introduced in Paris in 2007, Implicite is inspired by market demand to provide everyday glamorous and sexy lingerie at an affordable price without compromising fit or comfort. Implicite represents a new generation of French lingerie that adapts to the busy lives of modern women. This is fashionable, mysterious, sensual, sometimes, erotic.
What makes the brand itself French?

Our experienced design team is located in the heart of Paris and is led by women who know how to play lingerie everyday. We are inspired to create lingerie that women can design, seduce and feel sexy. Whether it’s hidden or not hidden… you will exude the magnetic charm of France.
What is the difference between French and American underwear?

French women celebrate beautiful underwear as a daily part of their appearance. They did not separate the “daily bra” from the “special occasion underwear”, but chose underwear according to the season, mood or clothing. French lingerie is both sexy and chic, so wearable, so you can work in lace on Monday, see coffee with friends, or date night. This is an important part of the French “je-ne-sais-quoi”.
What are the best-selling products on Implicite? why?

Our best-selling suit is Talisman Demi, paired with men’s shorts or thongs. Satin-trimmed and transparent mesh for incredible sensibility and comfort. The amulet open bra is our number one temptation bra with “stunning factors.”

Bralettes are now very popular in Paris, so your gear is easy to layer and style. Bliss Bralette is the bestseller due to its soft lace, sexy details and multi-directional straps. The Infinity Bralette is another best-selling model with a fascinating longline silhouette.

The slinky leotard is a favorite of Parisian influencers and bloggers… This gorgeous style is designed with lace and transparent mesh for a very comfortable fit. The bottom of this bodysuit is made from ultra-soft microfiber. This is easy.
What advice would you give to women who are nervous about underwear investments?

Here are some tips for getting started:

1. Think of underwear as the first layer of appearance and enjoy it. Match colors to your gear – or not! You are the only one who knows what color your underwear is, so why not have fun and match them to your shoes or lipstick.


2. Say “no” to the naked bra… at least a few days a week! Embrace new colors and see how they make you feel. Most French women do not wear bare breasts. White or black is their neutrality.


Try a lace bra. Bralettes are very comfortable and easy to wear, but stylish and relaxed and sexy.

We have been keeping the price of Implicite (the bra starts at $45), allowing more women to get a French lingerie experience. So have fun! There is a strong feeling in your underwear. You have your own appearance. You define your own sexy meaning.