Niki Bella has passed the wire, but she also has a lot to thank. The former WWE champion celebrated her birthday on the 21st and looks better than ever.

Bella announced on Instagram that her online boutique with her sister Berry is undergoing a Black Friday promotion, with a 25% discount. In the promotion position, athletes are using the Birdiebee brand to swing black underwear.
On Thursday, the twins told followers what she was thanking for in the long title on social media.

“Happy Thanksgiving! I am very grateful for the many wonderful things in my life and the many incredible people in my life. I am very grateful to my family and my best friends. I always share them with ladies when I need them. WWE Ring, a group of energetic and passionate women, co-founded Evolution, my Total Bellas and Total Divas production team, staff and gorgeous squad, they work hard all year round, all away from their families, love you all. All the amazing people I work at WWE, “The reality show star begins.
She continued: “Many of them motivate me, teach me, help me grow, all the sunsets I enjoy, all the lessons I have learned, good and bad days, my life coach and the people around her. Give me strength and smile to bear the unknown, to those who have invested too much time and confidence and my sister, my Belle Radici partner makes my own and Brill’s dream come true in the wine industry, my Birdiebee The team worked very hard all day, turning the vision of me and Brill into reality, bringing their love and support to the Bella army, which is different from anyone else, for all brave men and women in our army. The same is true of our firefighters, police and women. I am very grateful to each of you!”

The wrestlers had a tough year after failing to get engaged with John Cena. She is also accused of falsifying the relationship of “comprehensive Bellas”.
Fortunately, Nikki once again found herself and focused on her work. What do you think she should do next?