Sarah Michelle Gellar apologizes for a sticker photo of her own sexy lingerie, accusing her of humiliating and ridiculing eating disorders.

She wrote on Instagram on Sunday: “I just fixed them all on my house to remind us not to overeat #thanksgivingprep on Sunday.”
According to reports, the 41-year-old “Vampire Hunter Buffy” star is taken from the 2007 photo of Maxim Men’s Magazine.

As of Wednesday, the post has been “like” more than 176,000 times. “Nothing wrong with giving yourself power,” wrote a pink silk. “I don’t think this is a bit shame at all.”

But this photo also caused a sensation, and people and entertainment reported some criticism tonight.

“Your title is problematic. I suggest you do some research on eating disorders, the mental health problems that arise with them, and how diet culture is harmful to women,” one commenter said. “Girls look at you, you should pay attention to the information you send.

“How to empower women!” wrote another. “It’s disappointing to use your platform to promote an annual holiday, which should be about unity and gratitude.”

Entertainment Tonight pointed out that a few female celebrities and many Gellar fans praised her.

According to ET, “KAWEEN,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi wrote. “@sarahmgellar, is it really strange if I send these photos to my home?”

According to reports, when the debate continued, Galla wrote an apology on Instagram.

“I noticed that some people think that I am “shameful” about this article. This can’t go beyond my intentions,” she wrote.

“I like Thanksgiving, unfortunately, my eyes are often bigger than my stomach, and I tend to eat too much, and I am sick myself. This is a joke reminding me not to do this. I am very sorry, My humour tries to make people angry. Anyone who knows me knows that I will never deliberately “humiliate” anyone. I am the champion of everyone.”

Many of her fans wrote that there is no need to apologize.

“Good master, I saw @ jennifer.garner like it a few days ago, which made me laugh,” one wrote. “I am a fat 34-year-old 7-year-old mother and it is not a second. I think this is rude or humiliating or against anything. I believe she just hints that we will increase weight and stay focused during the holidays. Love you girl!”