The digital origin retailer opened a store at the Bridgewater Commons shopping centre in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Covering an area of ​​3,600 square feet, the area is the brand’s second physical store to date, twice the size of its first location (above), which opened in June at the Staten Island Mall. Located in the Staten Island area of ​​New York City.

The two stores mark the beginning of Adore Me’s advancement in physical retailing. The brand plans to open 300 stores in the next five years. The upcoming location in January includes 5,000 square feet. Located in Providence, Providence, the Providence Square covers an area of ​​2,700 square feet. Willowbrook Mall, Wayne, N.J. The space is similar to the Staten Island Mall, both of which are owned by Brookfield Properties.

The new Bridgewater Outpost is designed to convey Adore Me’s “Everyone’s Inner Confidence” mission and show empowerment in walls and fitting rooms. The space is in pastel tones and matches the brand’s online identity. The lounge area encourages participation in the space. (The store is designed by the Lawrence Group, based in New York City.) High-tech elements such as smart RFID fitting rooms and other technologies will collect, analyze and visualize data from in-store customer engagement.

Online, Adore Me promotes its growth through international expansion. The brand launched its website in Australia last year and launched a variety of products in the UK and China this year.