With a silk blouse and pumps you can dress up a cute plaid skirt, pair them with some knee-high boots and a chunky sweater to stroll between the autumn leaves, or grab some flats and a denim button-down to go to work or a weekend getaway.

The pleasure of plaid is that it can go between grunge, rock, traditional, classy, or anywhere. And each plaid skirt will fit different colors, all solids, due to the color scheme, which will make your style much easier.

We’re going to start with the skirt itself. Hold it right about knee length to get the most wear out of it. You can go a little shorter or a little longer, but you can go too short or too long, so it’s not going to be a classic that you can wear every year. You can stick with a pencil or an A-line top, or with a pleated plaid top, you can go traditional. Again, for a decade or more, each of these three models would wear well (giving you more money to spend on other stuff in the future!).

Let’s get to those pairings of plaid skirt outfits now …

Glen Plaid + Silk = This is the ideal attire for company. A pencil skirt, a long-sleeve silk blouse and pumps and not only do you have a simple plaid skirt dress, it can take you to dinner and a presentation from the office.

Tartan Plaid + Sweater Collection = This is an iconic, classic and comfortable ensemble from the 1950s. Glance at J. For a shell and a cardigan package, Crew, Banana Republic, or Gap, ideally in a soft cashmere or wool blend. With this combo, you can’t go wrong. It would be fine with kitten heels, but so would any pump or slingback or even a flat point-toe.

Window Pane Plaid + Denim = Like I’m wearing a more casual look. I matched the dark wash denim button-down shirt with some neutral flats and a grayscale plaid. Great for a brunch on a holiday, a day of shopping or a day of casual work.

Houndstooth + Chunky Sweater = keeps you cozy during the day. A chunky sweater can fit this tiny checkered pattern, even if a cable knit or turtleneck is used. Just make sure the skirt hem reveals at least 4 inches … you don’t want to cover the plaid! To complete this plaid skirt outfit, finish it off with some knee-high boots.

Plaid (any) + T-shirt + Moto Jacket = Here the plaid is taken to the rough side. A plain cotton tee and motorcycle jacket made of leather is an urban standard. Add a few Doc Martens, and you’re all right to go.

Plaid (any) + Turtleneck + Knee Socks + Loafers = a throwback (be careful not to look too Catholic schoolgirl) to the runways of the ’60s. Pull this off, not every call, but it’s a great look, so dare to be a rebel and look a little out of the ordinary!

What outfit would you wear with a plaid skirt? Casual, dressy, or a thr