Clothes! Without them, what will we do? We don’t know you, but without clothing, we can’t imagine life! They are the epitome of femininity, exuding passion, romance, adventure, independence and fun with beauty and singing. We love dresses … can you say that? With an array of questions being asked, dresses are a hot topic. What kind of dress do I have to wear to a wedding, work interview, party …? Every Bohemian girl also wants to put her twist on it, so what’s the style that suits you? To add your authentic touch, how can you tweak it but still follow the brief? Since the dress has raised so much curiosity and questions, and with such a variety of variants. We thought we would explore the subject and give you the low down.

This common style of dress-” Maxi-has been a “term used to describe a floor or ankle length dress made with a light, free flowing fabric since the late 1960s. At the top, it suits and at the bottom, it flows free. Great for almost every occasion and can combine back for casual activities and summer days or layered on for the winter season.

The Midi refers to any type of dress that falls halfway between the knee and ankle to mid-calf. Depending on fabric, footwear preference, style and jewels, this dress form is super versatile and can wear as a head-turning ensemble for any event. Over the understated beauty of a Midi, we swoon. The Knee Length Dress is self-explanatory, finishing with the hemline at the height of the knee. In one breath, knee length dresses are elegant and sexy. You can allow one or both of these attributes to be the hero, depending on how you style them. With ease, elegance and style, knee length dresses can also take you from a 9-5 workday to after work drinks.

The “Mini” from the 60’s comes to us and refers to a very short dress with a hem that reaches above the knee, high on the thigh. For its fun, flirty, and whimsical vibe, we love the mini and particularly enjoy this style in a variation of cover, slip, or move. It is also flexible and depending on which footwear and accessories you pair with this style, the look can be enormously shifted. With the flutter of an eyelid and a fast change of boots, a mini dress will carry you from the beach to the bar.