Oh, weather is British. It’s heatwave season for one minute and the next you dodge puddles during a downpour. If extreme weather is a given, it’s important that you have a seasonal wardrobe on hand – so you don’t have to take your winter clothes out of their vacuum-packed tombs whenever temperature changes. It’s late-August, so instead of purchasing high-summer clothes you ‘re only going to wear for the next two weeks, investing in items that go the distance is smart.

And what exactly does transitional count? Non-weather-dependent apparel that looks fantastic with bare legs, but also blends with tights and boots. In mohair knitwear you don’t want to be sweating or shivering in linen trousers; lightweight , easy-to-layer pieces are your best choice.

We have narrowed it down, these versatile pieces will take you through into the next season through the end of the summer.

Trench coat. We start with this item because it’s trench coat season again, officially. By that we say, the pre-autumn erratic weather has kicked in. Just don’t put away your floral summer dresses yet, this coat will help them go the distance (and avoid surprise showers from spoiling delicate fabrics). When the weather cools off, back up yours with a roll-neck and a pair of boots on the deck.

A midi dress. After years of being considered too girlish or demure, because of its multitasking capabilities, the midi dress is now a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Strike the sweet spot (just above the ankle) with your hemline and you can wear this hero piece with a quick move between sandals, trainers and knee boots from spring through autumn. Feeling frivolous in November? Using a black turtleneck top underpin it.

Get mules. There’s no point buying strappy sandals now, no matter how cheap the summer sales are. Instead, invest in a pair of mules anything from a backless loafer to the look of a block heel. Now you can wear them with floaty skirts and shirts, and then come September with tailored pants and jeans.

A cardigan. Last year, Cardigans had a long-awaited renaissance which shook off any frumpy connotations in the process. Cropped cuts are the ideal companion for anything extremely waisty; open-front versions are easy to lay and louche; longline models add a chic twist to straightforward outfitting. Pop one into your tote bag now for when the sun unexpectedly enters, and rely on it later as winter knitwear.