Purchasing the right yoga clothing for your sessions is important if you want high productivity and comfort from your clothing accessories. For instance when you are attempting a new pose or doing the downward dog at yoga studio, it is quite a challenging task. However that can become even more difficult if your yoga clothes are too tight, uncomfortable or sagging. This is why it becomes essential to get yoga clothes that are flexible, breathable and super comfortable.

When you are purchasing yoga clothes the choice of your clothing accessories will depend on your requirements, personal preferences and the yoga style that you want to practice. But there are some basic guidelines and things that you should follow when making the purchase. You should ideally go for those yoga clothes that provide flexible and breathable bottoms such as shorts or yoga pants.

You must also look for form-fitting or narrow top which is breathable and that doesn’t hang over the head when you are in an upside down posture. Women should ideally go in-built shelf bra or sports bra which offers sufficient support for the yoga type that you are practicing. A warm and comfortable top layer for the savasana or for after the class when you have cooled adequately.

Factors to look for when purchasing yoga clothing

A lot of the yoga clothes that are in the market are made from the blend of polyester-nylon-spandex. This is because the polyester-nylon-spandex fabric offers the correct balance of breathability, comfort and flexibility. Speaking the comfort, flexibility and breathability are three of the most fundamental and significant criteria to consider.

Comfort: One of the worst experiences when practicing yoga is being irritated and made uncomfortable by your piece of clothing. When you are tuning your body you don’t essentially want to be bothered by tags and itchy seams, tight waistbands or saggy clothes, or the fabric that chafes and binds. This is why when you are purchasing yoga clothes the comfort should be high up your priority list.

Breathability: Based on the yoga type that you practice you might sweat differently. If you are sweating then it is vital that you wear moisture-wicking and breathable materials which will keep you comfortable and cool. The shirts, tank tops and the yoga pants that come with the mesh pockets will improve the venting and breathability. If possible you must avoid cotton clothes that hold moisture and make you feel damp and hot. This leaves you exposed to the chafing.

Flexibility: The yoga activities involve stretching, bending, lunging, reaching, binding and rolling. Thus it is important that your clothes are flexible enough to keep up with these various body movements. This means they have to be flexible and the clothes containing spandex fabric make it possible to be flexible.

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In terms of the yoga wardrobe, some of the typical yoga clothes that you can go with. Including yoga pants or leggings, yoga shorts, yoga tops, yoga jackets or sweaters, yoga socks, sports bras and breathable