If you’re used to wearing elegant looking outfits, particularly for work, wearing blouses should already be very familiar to you. There are times you may want to add some extra energy and cheerfulness to your blouse outfits, however. Typically, wearing a floral blouse rather than a solid-colored blouse will aid with this. It’s not hard to style that at all. Indeed, most floral blouses don’t look so dramatic. Instead they look very cool and breezy. I’ve put together a list of some of the best floral blouse outfit ideas for you, to better show you how to style them. Let’s go jump in. This lively petal top trend is amazing.

Pair the blush pink floral blouse with blue skinny ankle jeans. To lead off this beautiful list of outfit ideas, I’ll be showing you a simple but ladylike and attractive look. You can only wear a blush floral blouse to shape this look, and pair it with a pair of blue skinny ankle jeans. To look extra refreshing and feminine, pair them with camel suede high heeled sandals.

Pair the white and blue floral blouse with crepe cardigan. Often, by wearing a blouse with a cardigan you may want to make yourself look extra delicate and approachable. You may wear a white and blue floral printed blouse with a crepe cardigan, for example , in this case. To complete this comfortable look wear dark blue skinny jeans and light pink, pointed toe heels.

Wear the Floral Printed Blouse with Black High Rise Pants. Because of the black floral blouse this is a much more subdued look. I guess it’s only a little darker because the black blouse always comes with the floral printed details with a lot of different colours. Pairing the blouse with a match of black high rise pants and black heeled sandals to appear tall and slender.