Are you tired of old and boring gifts like shirts, dresses, bags, and the like? Why not switch it up and choose something that`ll be useful for your friends and loved ones for a very long time? Sculptshe official is having a holiday sale where you can get up to 70% off! What a steal! Check out this fantastic shapewear you can gift to yourself, your best friend, girlfriend, or wife at affordable prices:

1. Neoprene Vest Waist Trimmer

A neoprene vest waist trimmer is quite different from your regular shapewear because this has an overall slimming effect on your upper torso when worn. It has a sports bra and a waist trimmer all-in-one.

It also comes with an adjustable waistband, so you can quickly tighten it if you want to take cinching your waist a level higher. You can get a plus size latex waist trainer to aid with your weight loss journey.

2. 3-in-1 Postsurgical Bodyshaper

The holidays are near, so you might want to wear tight-fitting dresses, or you may find yourself scouring your closet for a formal event. A 3-in-1 postsurgical body shaper is a full body shaper to ensure that your skin is tight and tucked whether you`re using this while exercising or while wearing it underneath your dress.

Whether it`s due to age or surgery, our skin can become loose if not well-taken care of. Hence, using a full-body shaper with a removable chest strip, spandex fabric, high elastic lace and mesh, and adjustable hooks can improve body posture, skin tightening, and sexy body curves.

3. Bodycon Post Surgery Abdominal Compression Board

Gone are the times that you have to worry about your tummy folds with an abdominal compression board that you can wear underneath your clothes or as part of your full bodysuit.

You can wear a tummy flattening board after childbirth, liposuction, or any surgeries that require you to have well-fit clothing in your stomach area. It can help prevent fluid retention and can restore tummy wrinkles.

It comes in both black and beige so that you can pair it with almost any of your shapewear. You can also wear this after a workout so you can retain that flattened tummy even while just resting.

4.  Tummy Control Body Shaper

If you`re a beginner wearing shapewear, you can get a high-waist tummy control body shaper from discounted shapewear bodysuits. Its fabric consists of a blend of soft nylon and spandex, which makes it comfortable and breathable. It also has a 1.37” wide rubber band in the middle of your stomach to cinch the smallest part of your tummy further.

It also comes with a built-in double compression to ensure that your curves are well-defined without any bulging fats. Its open-crotch design will make going to the bathroom more comfortable, and its lace acts as a non-slip fabric to make sure that the shapewear stays in place. This well-designed bodysuit is currently at 40% off, and you can even get an extra 10% discount if you put the code HS10 at checkout.

5.  Body Curve Smoothing Bodysuit

For a bodysuit that you can wear every day with almost any outfit, Sculptshe`s curve smoothing bodysuit is just $58.90 from its original $100 price. If you get an extra one, you can avail of an additional $15 off if you use the code HS15.

Its wearability, thin yet durable Lycra® fabric and mesh, adjustable shoulders straps, and belly patch makes this full bodysuit a comfortable shaper you can put on in the morning.

Scuptshe wants to make sure you get your hands on these well-designed and functional shapewear this holiday season. Don`t forget to let your friends know of these unique products by gifting them with their body shapers.