A time for experimentation and fresh beginnings is the new year. And it’s a great time to expose or add to your basics with a fresh look. And without having to buy a whole new closet, there are some new accessories that you can use to style your look and fully update your wardrobe.

A Jacket, a multipurpose bag, cardigan, and sneakers

A jacket is undoubtedly one of the most significant items you can outfit yourself with, given the colder months of the new year. A jacket can change the look of any outfit completely, so it’s important to buy a jacket that will work with any look. Try to find a single color or plain print that will go with several or all of the outfits.

A bag can make a look, or break it. So start by determining if you want to bring everything around at once or whether you can get around with necessities such as your mobile phone and wallet. A bigger bag is nice in a day to bring around everything you can need and may also be the center of your whole outfit. To accentuate any look with a solid color or any print that could fit most looks, use a smaller pocket.

Any shirt that is paired with a cardigan can be played up and is a simple accessory to tote around and wear with any cold weather outfit. Choose a printed cardigan to match any solid colored shirt, or a solid colored cardigan to match any shirt in your closet. With the same cardigan, there are several different ways to play around which makes it great for a wardrobe to diversify.

With sneakers, you can build a more formal, casual look, and the right pair can be enough to accentuate almost your entire wardrobe. Sneakers can easily make your skinny jeans with a cute skirt and blouse more comfortable or add style.

A Declaration Belt, scarf, boots

You can alter the look of any dress immediately by accentuating it with a wide, decorative belt.

For the coming season, either a blanket scarf or a light airy scarf can all be folded in hundreds of ways to achieve a fresh new look. Adding only one or two scarves to your wardrobe will alter the appearance of any look dramatically.

A game changer in your seasonal wardrobe can be boots that can match almost any outfit you choose to wear. Everyday boots will make you look amazing, while also enabling warmth and comfort features.

The Beanie, denim jacket, and boots

For the new year, beanies are a natural accessory. They can be versatile as well as add to any current wardrobe a touch of style.

In every wardrobe, denim jackets should be a staple. Thanks to their simple look, they’ve been in fashion for decades and can go with so many styles. When buying a denim jacket, there are plenty of different sizes and color choices to choose from, so your options are plentiful while also adding a personal flare to your new wardrobe.

A pair of all-weather boots are a must for additional rainy and muddy days. Fortunately, Sperry boots last for years and add an air of versatility to every look with their rugged practicality.

It does not have to require an entirely new collection of clothes to refresh your wardrobe. Only shopping at a consignment or thrift store will make this wardrobe upgrade simple and inexpensive. And without breaking the bank, you can buy new accessories to dress up your regular wardrobe that will keep your current wardrobe running for another season without having to purchase more outfits.