Women love bags, it’s a fact! One of the ideal pieces to wear this season is the tote bag, a classic bag with a minimalist design and colour. Every woman has one in her wardrobe and if you don’t have one yet, you should hurry up and by it.

It’s a very practical bag that can be worn with every outfit for classic day outfits and for cocktail looks at night. The classic tote bag has a square form, two handles and no closing zipper. It has a lot of space and you can put in it all of your daily essentials without having to worry that you have to leave some at home because they won’t fit in the bag.

Reasons to wear a tote bag

There are so many reasons why buying a tote bag for spring is a great idea and here are some of them!

It’s a bag perfect for any occasion. If you buy a high quality tote bag you will be able to wear it anywhere and anytime, because it will look very stylish. This way you won’t have to worry that you don’t have a proper bag.

The tote bag is also very versatile and you can wear it to many places like when going to work or shopping and even when going to the gym. You can also use it as a laptop bag, because it has enough space for it to fit perfectly!

Usually the tote bag is made out of very thick and qualitative leather and this way will last longer, even for years, making it a great investment.

You can find it in many colours, so you don’t have to choose only between black and brown. You can find tote bags in pink, green, yellow, blue and every possible colour you may think of.

How to style the tote bag?

With this bag you don’t have to worry about your outfit, because it goes well with everything in your wardrobe, especially if it’s a classic tan tote bag.

You can wear it with casual outfits. It looks great with jeans and T-shirts, especially if you use it’s longer handle and wear it on your shoulders in a casual way.

For a chic look you can wear the tote bag with a white midi dress with vertical stripes and a pair of high heeled red shoes. You will have a classy look perfect for going out in town and also great for the office.

If you prefer edgier outfits with a rock vibe, don’t worry, you can mix your tote bag with your favourite leather jacket, ripped jeans and boots. You just have to choose a black tote bag for this look!

Tote bags are practical, fashionable and very versatile and should be present in every woman’s wardrobe as they are a great accessory for any type of outfit!