Spring season it’s almost here which means it is time to start wearing dresses again. A dress that is perfect for spring and it’s versatile enough to be worn both at work and on your time off is the classic shirtdress.

What is a shirtdress?

The classic shirtdress is one of the most versatile and timeless pieces you can have in your wardrobe. The shirtdress is actually a shirt that was made longer to create a dress out of it. It comes in various lengths (short, midi, and even maxi), with different sleeve lengths and in different colors and prints. A shirtdress usually has buttons in the front from the neck and all the way down to the hem.  

Besides being such a stylish dress, the shirtdress is also very comfortable, because it usually is made out of cotton or silk. So, it’s perfect for warmer days, because is very breathable.

Many celebrities have worn shirtdresses and even the famous Grace of Monaco was a big fan of this clothing item.

How to style the classic shirtdress?

It’s easy to style a shirtdress and you can wear it dressed up or in a casual way.

For colder spring days you can wear the classic shirt dress with a leather jacket or a blazer and a pair of booties.

For warmer spring days you can only wear a classic shirt dress with long sleeves and a pair of flats or pumps for a smart casual look. Add some pearls and a tote bag and you will be able to rock this outfit at work and even if you go out in town with your friends.

How to choose a classic shirtdress?

There are many models of classic shirtdresses out there and you might find it difficult to know which one to choose. You will have to take into consideration what are your fashion preferences and what colours you like best. Then you should think of your body type and your height. If you are petite and thin it is best to choose a short shirtdress. If you are a little bit curvy it is best to go for a midi shirtdress with pleats and stripes. And if you are tall and thin, you can easily go for a maxi shirtdress.

Women’s striped shirt dress

If you didn’t own a shirtdress by now, it is best to choose a version in simple white or with vertical stripes. These are classic shirtdresses that won’t go out of fashion. After you’ve added into your wardrobe, you can buy other shirtdresses with prints or bold colours.