If you are looking to appear thin along with some comfort, this product is devised keeping you in mind. AirSlim™ Power Mesh Body Shaper proffers comfort along with compression that makes you look in shape. The shapewear is opne bust and begins from just below the bust area. However, for support so that it does not roll down straps are given which can be worn over the shoulders. The material is light and thin and can easy be camouflaged under another garment. The skin color of this shapewear is also an added advantage if one wants to wear light colors over this. With all its features it is safe to mention that it is the best shapewear for women.

2. Cease to be conscious of how you look if you have purchased the AirSlim™ Power Control Full Body Shaper with Butt Lifter. It covers the entire body and makes it look in shape and controlled from all angles. Your butt, your thighs and the entire abdomen appear in perfect unison with other parts of the body. It is the most coveted shapewear for women who have undergone surgery as it provides comfort and controls the skin from becoming loose. With a zip and hook, it becomes easy to wear too. It wouldn’t be wrong to address those who have undergone surgeries.

full body shaper
AirSlim™ Power Control Full Body Shaper with Butt Lifter

3. Adore your own self if this shapewear is the secret behind (literally) your beautiful body. Heavy duty workout becomes difficult sometime, so for those times when you have to look attractive, this AirSlim™ Tummy Slimmer and Butt Lifter Compression Shaper can rescue you. Starting from the under the bust and reaching your thighs, this product lifts your mood when you see your butt lifted to give you an ideal shape under your favorite dress.  So if you are plus size, this can help you get the looks you want. The material is lightweight and very comfortable during all seasons.

plus size shapewear bodysuits
AirSlim™ Tummy Slimmer and Butt Lifter Compression Shaper

4.  Motherhood is magical, but you get overwhelmed after seeing your drooping body. The AirSlim™ Seamless Butt Lifter Bodysuit is designed to uplift the drooping body for you to feel delighted and happy. So enjoy your motherhood in the manner you want and use this ultimate product to be back into your shape once you use this.  There are various plus size waist trainer, but not many are designed keeping in mind your drooped bodies. This one takes care of that and you no longer feel bad or sad about the way you look. Just welcome the change and enjoy every garment like you did before the sagging and drooping with the help of this wonderful product.

plus size waist trainer for women
NeoSweat™ Firm Compression Sport Waist Trainer Vest

5. Just as you become determined to look in a certain way,  we bring to you products that will keep you consistent in your dream too. NeoSweat™ Workout Camouflage Waist Trainer is not just a waist trainer but also a style statement. Wear this under any dress and get the perfect hour glass feel. This will bring smile to you and happiness is the key to success! So continue your workout and wait for the compliments that you will receive in no time and don’t forget to check out the waist trainer before and after result at shapellx!

best waist trainer for women
NeoSweat™ Workout Camouflage Waist Trainer