Let us talk about striped shirts and how fast they became so trendy these days! Well, most of you might not be too fond of strip shirts because you may find them too fancy, colorful, and disoriented, but their popularity is starting to skyrocket today. For most of you who never tried it before, you may feel unpleasant with how this style looks like, but you will surely get new thinking right after you’ve seen some of the most amazing striped shirts that we have gathered for you!

Let’s look into the top five best-striped shirts that we are highly recommending for everyone to have!

1. Poplin Shirt

The striped design of this shirt is so relaxing in the eyes because of the color! It features large and small stripes in specific areas, making it unique and chic. What’s lovely about this striped shirt is its lace; you can adjust its size, depeding the style of crop top you want for yourself to have! You can do it so loose or tight.

2. Striped Cover-Up Top

Who says that a striped shirt is only favorable for a casual occasion? This type of striped dress proves more people wrong because it is perfect for a semi-formal gathering, outdoor or garden events. It is suitable for ladies who are confident to show off some of their skins.

3. Striped Buttondown

Don’t you know that you can do any type of style with a striped shirt? Look into this zebra-striped buttondown shirt; you can get a rugged look by matching it with jeans or ripped jeans! You may also want to get out of your comfort zone by imitating hip-hop or loose clothing style too. Just add a cap, pants, and sneaker to complete the get-up.

4. Long Sleeve/Striped Shirt

One of the best ways to wear a striped dress is by not tucking it in with your pants or shorts, yet this long sleeve top defeats that purpose. That is what this striped shirt separates itself from the rest because it still looks fabulous even if you’re tucking it in. Aside from the long sleeve design that is not common, this type of striped shirt is great to pair with short shorts!

5. Crop top Striped Dress

This striped shirt deserves a spot in our best-striped shirt this year because of its crop top design! The color is not that complex, making it looks neutral in the eyes. With its deep turtle-neck design, you’ll surely get everyone’s attention in no time.

We know that this is the best time for you to ride into the popularity of striped dresses! You’ll never want to lose in what is getting trendy this year, right. Indeed, these choices are the top picks that you should consider owning first.