You can tell a lot about a woman by how she styles her hair. Some even say that you know a woman is moving on or has heartbreak when she cuts her hair. But there is something more about the hairstyle, and it has something to do with fashion.

A hairstyle does not only refer to the cuts and length of one’s hair; it can also be about the colors and the hair accessories. So, if you are a woman who wants to stick to your hair length, you can still explore your style in the following ways.

A Simple Wrap

If you do not want to compromise your hair length and enjoy the way it falls straight to your shoulder, you can utilize this floral headwrap to upgrade your style. It is true that sometimes, people consider straight and black as a dull kind of hairstyle.

To make our hair look alive, choose the designs that are easy to look at and pleasing to the eyes. One good example of it is the floral prints with vibrant colors.

A Prominent Tie

Some women are hesitant to try chemicals on their hair even if they see the organic label. If you are some women, there is no need to dwell too much on what you are reluctant to do. You can fully use cute accessories such as a giant ribbon.

Create a half ponytail and pin it where it looks more prominent. Also, it would not hurt to use a large ribbon on your hair as long as your outfit is simple and there are not too many designs and plays of colors.

The Subtle Wave

The subtle wave hairstyle is easy to maintain because you would not need too much combing work. All you need is to be confident with how the way it falls down your neck or shoulders.

However, it would be best to have hair lotion or oil that will keep your hair from frizz since it is prone to dry because you are aiming for a subtle wave.

Use this sun hat for a beachy vibe to make you look fashionable and nail this subtle wave more thoroughly.

The Big Curls

One of the reasons why some women take a shift from straight to curly is because they want to push their limits. They want to see if there is something more, they can enjoy and explore in their fashion.

Moreover, these big curls can elevate your style into the sophisticated woman you ever wanted.

Pick a Pixie

If there are women who are reluctant to try something new, there are also these ladies who are dauntless to try a different style from the ones they used to have. One common way to do that risk is to get their hair a pixie cut.

With a lovely pair of outfits, you can expose your elegance and class with your pixie cut, like a strong woman who is ready for anything.

The change of hairstyle happened more often if they thought they needed a break or diversion. While there is nothing wrong with that, you must always consider the health of your hair and your fashion sense if you want to transition to a new hairstyle.