A lot of people are still afraid to wear belts in their looks or find a acessory totally expendable. However, the belt has the power to transform the look, as it can accentuate, create a point of color in addition to being found in different models and prints to create a unique look.

Historically, the belt has been a unisex accessory since the Bronze Age, which would be around 3000 BC. During World War I, the belt was used as a decorative piece and helped to complement officers’ uniforms and in other cultures, the piece was used to give the characteristic look of the time of grandeur, which was the wide shoulders and wide chest. In the 20’s, the belt was used only to hold the pants and in the 90’s it was losing this function because of the sagging practice.

Trends over the decades

In the 60s, the trend was for leather belts, gold chains and plastic belts. In the 70’s, vibrant leather belts and men’s belts in various sizes were all the rage. In the 90s, several models of belt were in fashion such as rubber, plastic, metal, suede. Already in the 2000s, retro belts arrived and encompassed all the others, in addition to being used very thin belts to leave a well defined waist. From that moment on, belts were no longer used to hold clothes, but to complement the look.

How to wear belts

When we think about wearing belts, we think about the basic way of putting them on and this way is totally correct. Starting with the basics is always the best way to take the steps in a safe environment before trying to level up.

Start by putting together a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and put on a neutral-colored belt. To add to the look, choose belts with different buckles that will highlight the final result.

If you want to create more elegant or produced looks, it is interesting to bet on belts with different materials such as minimalist designs or with leather bases. There are several different models on the market today that look great with a blazer and tailored pieces.

If you want a different and creative look, there are belts with materials and designs that are out of the ordinary, such as the belt bag trend.

It is important to remember that each type of belt draws attention to an area, an example is wide belts give the appearance of smaller stature and medium and thin belts can make someone look taller.

If you don’t know what to wear your belt with, you can bet on pants and shorts with a t-shirt, on looks with oversized coats and knitted blouses. Wearing the belts with overalls makes the look look elegant, in which case, thinner belts are recommended.

If you put on the belt and find that something is still missing, it is interesting to tie it in a different way to make it stand out.

You no longer have to be afraid to bet on your belts and elevate your look. This is the good side of being a timeless accessory, you can use it over the years and adapt to your current style creating original and different productions.