With the arrival of spring, we consequently store our coats and give more space to light clothes in our wardrobe, such as blouses, shorts, skirts and dresses, for example. This time of year calls for more comfortable clothes, with a touch of femininity and delicacy, and the perfect piece in this sense is the dress.

It is difficult for a woman not to like a beautiful dress, regardless of her style, there are dresses for all tastes and occasions. Spring is the season to take advantage of this piece and use it on different everyday occasions, so in this article, you will see the best spring dresses for each occasion.

Outdoor walk

The first occasion I want to show you is the “outdoor walk”. This occasion calls for a dress with a light and comfortable fabric, especially on hot days. It can be long, midi, or even short, combine it with white sneakers, like the model in the photo above, it works great.

Be sure to bet on accessories too, such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. A small bag to put on the side is also a great option, and to finish the look, choose very stylish pair of sunglasses.

To have dinner with a crush

Dinner with someone special requires a dress with a more elegant footprint, and at the same time a touch of sensuality. The model above has an earthy color that is perfect for women who like colors but don’t want to be so bold about the intensity of a tone, and yet it has everything to do with spring.

Bet on a thin heel, and golden accessories, and if you can, do a hairstyle with an unpretentious vibe, to highlight the sensuality of the dress. In case the night is getting a little cold, put a very light jacket on top of thin fabric.

To go to the mall

If you go to the mall to shop, it is important that you are comfortable and at the same time feel beautiful. The dress in the photo is long, which makes the look tidier, but at the same time, it is light.

In spring the days are a little warmer, especially during the day, and comfortable pieces are essential so that we don’t feel uncomfortable in our daytime activities.

The model in the photo above looks like spring, is white, a color that conveys elegance, and has flowers all over the dress, reminiscent of the season. It has looser short sleeves and a V neckline, which is very charming.

For a wedding

We all want to feel like a princess when we go to a wedding party, even if we are just a guest, it is a great occasion to wear that dress that is often kept in our wardrobe or even a reason to buy a new dress.

If you are going to a spring wedding party, bet on a dress without print, with a more vibrant color. The magenta tone is the color of 2023, so it’s a great option to use in such a special moment, and rock the choice.

This model pictured above has a slightly discreet neckline, with spaghetti straps for that hot day, and is well-cinched, leaving the bottom part looser and more feminine. As you can see, it’s a very delicate dress, transparent and at the same time modern.

To a ballad

Who says you can’t wear black in spring too? As much as the color black is something more sober, you can choose clothes with a more fun and relaxed modeling, to use in this colorful season.

And when we talk about party dresses, a basic black dress is always a no-fail option. The model in the photo above is very charming, as you can see, the hem has a ruffle, which makes the dress more relaxed and charming. It is more glued to the body, giving sensuality to the look, in addition to the neckline and thin straps.

To the work

If you are allowed to wear a dress at work, the model in the photo above is perfect for going to work. It has a more sober color, but it is not neutral. It has a spring vibe because it’s looser and looser, in addition, it’s double-breasted and tied. Its bow tied at the waist gives a touch of femininity and elegance, which works great with the most formal work environment.

You can compose it with a black heel, or even with sneakers if your work environment is very relaxed and allows it. To give it a more serious look, combine it with a darker leather bag, or to make the look lighter and more modern, do as in the photo, and bet on a straw bag that is super high.

Now just choose the dress according to the occasion you need and rock! The most important thing is that you feel beautiful and comfortable.