Winter is slowly drawing to an end and soon everyone will start saying “till we meet” again to their knitted sweaters, ear muffs and head warmers. While that is happening, it is not too early to start bringing out your tank tops, shorts, mini skirts and sundresses to enjoy the incoming warm and sunny weather.

Like they say, good shoes take you to good places and outfits are never ever complete without pretty shoes. So I have compiled some of the perfect and pretty shoes from flats to heels to sneakers and sandals that will go with your spring and summer outfits for different occasions below.

Best shoes for spring and summer outfits

1. Sneakers on shorts

Sneakers on shorts and baggy t-shirts are one of the most comfortable and fashionable summer outfits. You can easily wear them to hangout with friends, or on a solo date.

Pro tip: since this is a comfort outfit you can easily throw on, enjoy more comfortability by pairing your outfit with a shoulder bag for easy carriage and a pair of sunglasses to protect your pretty eyes.

2. Sandals on maxi dresses

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Looking to run a quick errand on a sunny afternoon while still looking snatched and comfortable? You can never go wrong with a maxi dress and a pair of pretty sandals.

What’s more fun is that it is also a suitable outfit for a sunny afternoon or a chill night on the beach during summer.

3. Heels on slip dresses

Slip silk or satin dresses on heels can never cease to be a sexy combination. Not now, or anytime soon. It qualifies as the perfect outfit for a romantic date night and oozes class. You can also look stunning in them as a wedding guest without feeling out of place at all.

4. Strapped heels on skirts

This outfit gives like it should give whether it is springtime or summer time. It gives a combination of sexy and classy at the same time. How can you possibly go wrong with them? A befitting occasion for this beauty is a romantic picnic date or an art museum date. You are definitely going to be in there looking like art yourself.

5. Slides on baggy jeans

Women really took this y2k masculine baggy on slides combo look and owned it as theirs. It is an outfit you can wear in the four corners of your room, for an outing, to run an errand or on a date. Talk about versatility!

You can also pair them with blazers, baggy tees or a tank top.

6. Women pumps on work outfits

Classy. Check. Fashionable. Check. The perfect springtime outfit. Check. This outfit indeed ticks all the boxes and if you don’t already have this combo in your wardrobe, what are you waiting for?

The interesting thing about this runway worthy look is that while it is the perfect work outfit, you can totally rock it outside of your workplace without getting weird stares.