Wearing bold prints and patterns is one of the most fashionable trends in the fashion industry. Wearing vivid prints and patterns can be scary and overwhelming for many people. However, this is not required. With a little help, anyone can pull off this daring fashion statement. This piece will look at 10 expert recommendations for acing the print and pattern trend.

1. Let Your Attire Do the Talking

When wearing a head-to-toe bold design, keep your accessories to a minimum. Accessories can clash with the designs, making the outfit appear silly rather than stylish. So, let your clothes speak for themselves and avoid wearing jewelry or headwear.

2. Pairing Complementary Colors and Patterns


Wearing print on print is all about mixing complementary colors and abstract shapes. For example, a polka dot print shirt can be worn with striped pants. Another interesting alternative is to combine the same print in two different colors. To get a unified look, use prints that complement one another.

3. Size Matters

A visually pleasing costume can be created by mixing different sizes of the same print. For example, thin stripes in a blouse look great with thick striped trousers or a skirt. Experiment with different pattern sizes and proportions to create a unique and trendy outfit.

4. Limit the Number of Prints to Maintain a Cohesive Look

When it comes to adding prints and patterns to your clothing, making the right choice is critical. Prints can bring visual appeal and originality to any outfit, but too many can become overwhelming. To keep the aesthetic coherent, keep the number of prints minimum. Choose solid bottoms if you wear a printed top, and vice versa. An outfit with more than two different designs can look sloppy and silly. This restriction also applies to purses and shoes. Keep them neutral to balance out the outfit’s strong designs.

5. Floral Prints

Florals can be difficult to put together with one another. On the other hand, a monochrome floral design blended with a multicolor floral that includes the original monochrome color can work effectively. Match darker floral tops with lighter floral pants or skirts to balance the visual aesthetics of flower prints.

6. Monochrome

Choose monochrome prints when in doubt. Black and white prints can be used with almost any two prints, making them a traditional and safe choice.

7. Clashing Prints

Combining two conflicting prints might result in a winning look when done right. For a more modern look, combine finer stripes with strong graphic motifs. Clashing patterns with the same color scheme can also work if they complement one another.

8. Pick a Dominant Colour or Print

When combining a bold and delicate design, choose one color from the bold print and pair it with a delicate pattern that uses only that one shade. Alternatively, select a dominant print and let the secondary print support it.

9. Patterns

Invert the colors while employing the same pattern to produce a modern and unique design. A belt can also break up patterns for a more unified design.

10. Fit and Flare

Another beautiful technique to wear print on print is to mix prints in fitted and loose pieces. A fitted printed shirt with a flowing patterned gypsy skirt, for example, might make an elegant and modern look.

Final Thought

Wearing print on print and patterns can be intimidating, but with these expert suggestions, you’ll easily pull off this daring fashion trend. It’s all about mixing and combining complementary prints in different forms, sizes, and colors, keeping accessories to a minimum, and experimenting with different prints to find what works for you. Take risks and experiment with fresh combinations to produce unique and trendy looks. With these guidelines, you’ll be able to confidently wear print on print.