There is no doubt about it that sweaters are a closet-must haves and they are the ones that we all reach for when the temperature drops. Besides adding an extra layer to the cold weather look to keep you cozy, long sweaters can elevate any outfits. Versatility is an important element to look for when we shop for outfits and long sweaters tick the right box.

There are many reasons why we love long sweaters

  • Keeping us warm and cozy that we want to live in them 24/7 throughout the winter.
  • Long sweaters are great when we want to cover our arms when wearing a sleeveless top.
  • They give a more put-together look to an outfit and is less commanding compared to a jacket as they are not as structured as a jacket.

If you have been looking for different ways to style long sweaters this season, well you are in luck because this article will show you how to dress it up for work or for a casual brunch.

Long Sweater With Straight Leg Pants

If you are wondering if you can wear a long sweater with straight leg pants, well you certainly can. One important thing is to make sure that your ankles are peeping out from the hem of the pants so that you can get some skin under all that fabric from the top to bottom. This will give your outfit a streamlined and classy look instead of being drowned under the fabric.

Long Sweater With Jeans

Warm, fuzzy sweaters add an extra layer and are bulky but when you wear fitting pants, they can balance the look. Avoid wearing wide-legged or baggy jeans. Instead, fitted jeans like bootcut style with a slight flare at the hemline look great with long sweater. You can wear a pair of heels to complete the look.

If you want to dress down your outfit, you can choose to wear skinny jeans with high top sneakers and long socks for extra warmth. Finished the look with a baseball hat for casual vibe.

Layer Long Sweater With A Jacket

You can wear long sweater underneath a coat or a jacket. Do ensure that the coat is long.  The best footwear for this outfit is knee boots or ankle boots.

Long Sweater With Dress

You can absolutely wear a long sweater with dress. The best type of dress is a fitted one or a shirt dress.  A summer sundress underneath a long sweater is a great way to transition into fall and you can get more mileage out of your wardrobe.

Long Sweater And Leggings

One of the most classic yet adorable outfit combinations for chilly weather is none other than leggings with long sweaters. Wearing your sweater with a pair of leggings is fashionable and makes a good combo for chilly winters. The extra length of the sweater will give you protection against the rain, wind and cold. If you want a smart look that screams power, there is no better way that to pair this ensemble with boots.

Belt A Long Sweater

A good way to show off your curves when wearing a long sweater is to wear a belt. The chunkier the sweater, the thicker the belt should be.

Style Tip

Last but not least, here is a style tip when wearing long sweater. A long sweater with skinny jeans look fantastic with flat riding boots or mules. However, if you want something that gives you more height, you can opt for an ankle bootie with heel. This can help to balance the length and weight of the long sweater to make you look taller and leaner.