Gone are the days when beach bags were just plain plastic or drab bags. They have increasingly won the hearts of women and guaranteed their place in the fashion world.

From straw models to other materials; It is increasingly common for these accessories to appear at fashion shows and also in the closets of bloggers, influencers and even artists.

There are such modern models nowadays that it is already possible to include this accessory even in looks outside the beach. Indicating a lot of style, irreverence and attitude to the look of those who wear them.

Straw bag: The darling model of bloggers that certainly also won their hearts. The straw bag is no longer an exclusive beach accessory and is also used in everyday life. They combine with casual looks and, to create unusual looks, try mixing elements that contrast with the lightness of the straw, such as heavier materials or structured trim.

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Printed fabric bag: Perfect for adding a touch of color to your everyday look. Those who want to be a little more daring can work with a mix of prints, coordinating the print on the clothes with the print on the bag – a tip for mixing is to look for colors in common in the prints of the two pieces.

Transparent bag: This bag model is a model that stands out a lot. For those who don’t want to show what they’re carrying in their purse, a tip: The tip is to use a small bag inside the purse, like a toiletry bag, for example.

Sack bag: A practical, versatile model that combines perfectly with casual looks. Tip: the more details on the bag – such as embroidery, fringes, studs, etc – the more informal it is. If the model is crossbody, it brings volume to the hips, good for balancing very broad shoulders.

Half moon bag: They are generally more unstructured, which conveys casualness. They are great for everyday use and this type of bag is a good option for those who carry a lot of stuff,” comments Lili. The consultant also gives a look tip for using the bag outside the beach: “chemise, maxi tailoring vest and loafers with half moon bag.

Crochet beach bag: Just like straw bags, crochet ones were more restricted to beach environments. The material, finish, color and size are elements that set the tone of the crochet bag, which can be more rustic, fun or sophisticated.

Beach bags can also be used in other places and if combined in the right way, they tend to add a lot of style to the look.

At the mall: To spend an afternoon at the mall with much more style, the tip is to use a straw beach bag model. This bag is interesting if combined with a pair of denim shorts, a white tank top, sneakers and a kimono, for example.

At the bar: To enjoy the night reusing the beach bag, the tip is to use the crochet model with a mini skirt, cropped with sparkles and sneakers. The look will be relaxed but with a more nocturnal feel.

At the club: To spend an afternoon at the club, the best thing would be to use a plastic beach bag. To give a different look, the tip would be to wear a swimsuit, a denim skirt, a flat sandal, a cap and sunglasses.

This style of accessory is a great investment, as in addition to making summer and beach looks much more stylish, they can be used to add a fashionista touch to looks for other occasions.