Are you trying to upgrade your lingerie collection in the name of self-care? Or are you just trying to spice things up in bed? Whatever the case, a drawer full of lacey and delicate lingerie is every woman’s dream because fancy lingerie is the ultimate mood-lifter. However, many women don’t feel comfortable shopping for such lingerie in the stores.

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If you are one of them, we are sharing five tips to buy lingerie online, get a good deal, and look amazing in your body. So, are you ready?

1. Consider the Bra Shape

If you are shopping for lingerie online, you must look for bra shapes that you already use. For instance, if you like wearing underwired demi bras (these are the ones that cover half of the breasts), it’s better to purchase those. That’s because purchasing lingerie online isn’t the right time to experiment, as you might not get the right fit and shape.

However, if you want a fool-proof option, you cannot go wrong with plunge bras because they have deep necklines, which look hot!

2. Prefer Easy-Fit Bras

When you go to a lingerie store, the fit specialists will try nailing you down to one size only, and they won’t tell you every bra has a different fit. Bras can be technical because if you change even one thing, the fitting completely changes. In case it’s your first time purchasing lingerie online, you should choose bralettes or soft triangle bras (don’t worry, they fit big-busted women too).

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Another option is to choose easy-fit bras because they are simple. Keep in mind that they won’t have cutouts, straps, and lacey details, but you won’t have to worry about the fit.

3. Order Multiple Sizes

It’s important to have a choice when you are purchasing lingerie online. For this reason, it’s better to order multiple lingerie sets with a thought process that you will return some. The online stores have easy return policies, so you don’t have anything to worry about. Remember that you might have to pay for the lingerie upfront, but they pay it back.

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That’s the reason you should order multiple sizes of your favorite lingerie and try them on. You can keep the one that fits you well and return the others.

4. Take Your Sweet Time

Many women make the mistake of purchasing lingerie as soon as it looks cute. However, they never wear it again because they start getting uncomfortable and itch the side boning. In some cases, there is a fitting issue when you wear it under your soft t-shirt. For this reason, we recommend that you wear the lingerie for an hour or two before you finalize it (the perks of trying out lingerie at home).

5. Get Personal Advice

The online shops also have lingerie experts and advisors. In most cases, you can set up an appointment with them, and they help you with sizing and fitting. In fact, some of them have an on-the-spot live chat option, so you can get fitting help. In fact, they help you measure the breast size and isn’t that the help every woman needs?

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So, are you ready to shop for lingerie online?