Makeup is a constant experimenting game. It is evolving and bringing better techniques every other day. You could be doing makeup for the longest time but can still make mistakes. Makeup is a work of art which always has room for perfection.

Here are the top five mistakes’ people commonly make during makeup.

Mismatched Foundation Color

A lot of people live under the false belief that foundation needs to be brighter than one’s own skin tone. Well, that’s not true. This is a very common makeup mistake which makes your head and body differ in color.

The mismatched color of your head, neck and hands is not ideal. Therefore, choose your foundation that matches your skin tone. This can be done by applying the sample shade on your wrist. You could also ask the beauty consultant on the store for help.

Color correction mismatched

Color correction is a very important part in makeup. It conceals the unwanted and highlights the wanted parts of your face. However, the color correction has some matching that needs to be done with your face’s discoloration.

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Use the shade card to match which color of the correction palette needs on what part of your face. To avoid cakey look, set the colors with powder to achieve a smooth and fine look.

Many features highlighted

Another mistakes many make is they highlight a lot of areas of the face during makeup. This creates a dramatic and painted look. Too many features enhanced leaves no central focus and creates a chaos in your makeup.

For instance, if you want your eyes to be prominent then you need to have a dark eyeshadow paired with a light lip color. This creates a focus for your eyes and keeps other makeup balanced. A dark eye color with a dark lip color is a major no.

Too much eye-liner

Wearing too much eyeliner or a creating thick eyeliner lines can wear down your eyes. It makes your eyes look smaller and unnatural in the makeup look. Too much eyeliner also leaves less space to experiment your eyes shadow and gives an unwanted sharp look to your face.

Start off by applying the eyeliner with your lash line then build on it. Place your elbow on a table to stable your hand. Plus, too much eyeliner is very rigid and hard to take off. It might end your face in black.

Skipping Priming

Applying makeup on uneven textured and dry skin is not the ideal thing to do. If you naturally have that, you can fix that with a primer before doing your makeup. Primer gives a thick moisture rich layer to your bare face, fills in uneven texture and gives a smooth canvas to build your foundation.

To top it all off, the primer keeps the skin hydrated and provides glow.