Not so long ago, women were taking out their tops and cutting a hole in the shoulder because cold-shoulder fashion was all the rage. However, the “sophistication” took over and women hid those sweaters in the back of their wardrobes. Having said that, 2023 seems like a year when cold-shoulder clothes will make a comeback, but women are having a hard time with styling. So, if you want to look chic and elegant with a cold-shoulder sweater or top, we have all the styling tips you need!

· Try it on One Shoulder

Many women think that cold-shoulder can only be on both sides, but to have a unique look, we recommend a single-shoulder look. This will look way more modern, and you won’t have to tolerate chill winds too much. In simpler words, the single cold-shoulder sweater will feel warmer, and your fashion looks will be in line with runway trends. You can pair these sweaters with classic jewelry, promising chicness.

· Be Careful about the Fabrics

While cold-shoulder looks are already hard to pull off due to the winter season, many women make the mistake of using the wrong fabrics, which is why we are asking you to be comfortable. For instance, you should opt for knit tops because they are winter-friendly, thick, and warm. In fact, we recommend using the peach and beige colors because these colors help cross the bridge between summer and winter. You can pair these sweaters with white pants or denim, whatever you prefer.

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· Stick to Long Sleeves

The cold-shoulder tops are never half-sleeved. Even if they are, they look cheap. For this reason, you have to choose tops with longer sleeves because they look nice and are practical as well. For instance, if you have a knit turtleneck with cold-shoulder and longer sleeves, we recommend completing the look with flat and high boots. As far as the pants are concerned, there’s nothing better than leather leggings.

· Welcome Silks

Knit fabric isn’t the only choice for cold-shoulder tops for winter because silk and satin are the most elegant options. These fabrics are amazing for women who like formal clothing and like going to cocktail parties. That’s because they look expensive and promise class and sophistication. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that silk cold-shoulder tops promise a sexy look without revealing too much skin.

· Layer with a Blazer

If you have a summer-centric cold-shoulder top and want to jump on this bandwagon in winter, we recommend pairing it with a blazer or jacket. You can opt for a leather jacket if you prefer an edgy and casual look. On the other hand, if you want to create a classy look, you can throw on a blazer. However, these tops aren’t recommended for professional places, so opting for a blazer will protect you.

· Choose a Scarf

Last but not least, accessorizing the cold-shoulder top is essential, and the scarf is a perfect winter-friendly accessory. For instance, you can tie the scarf around your neck and wear some small gold studs.

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