Lipstick is needed to finish every single outfit, whether it be casual or formal but finding the best makeup look to pair with multi-colored dresses can be difficult. Figuring out the ideal lipstick shade requires an extreme level of skill. In this article, we will be explaining how to do this difficult job of deciding so you don’t have to worry!

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How To Figure Out Which Lipstick Shade Suits Your Multi-Coloured Dress:

  1. Choose The Bold Colours: Looking at your dress, there should be a color that overpowers the others. Choose a lipstick shade that matches that color. For example, if your dress has more pink and red, go for a pinkish-red lipstick color.
  • Neutral Tone: If your dress has a vibrant and bold color, going for a neutral shade could balance the color spectrum of the outfit. This makes your outfit more put together and natural.
  • Undertones: Notice the slight undertones of the dress and your lips. If your dress has warm undertones then go for a shade that also has warm undertones, such as peachy and coral shades, and for cool shades wear a rosy and berry lipstick shade.
  • Contrasting: Sometimes, going for a lipstick that contrasts with your outfit’s color can create a noticeable look. If you’re wearing a dress with cold colors, pair it with lipstick with warm colors like red, or coral.
  • Occasion: While deciding on a lipstick shade, make sure to think about the atmosphere of the occasion. If it is a formal event, go for a classic red or berry shade. For a casual event, use a softer tone like pink.
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  • Balancing: Make sure that your lipstick does not overpower the outfit or accessories you’re wearing. Go for a balanced look where all features are in the spotlight.
  • Fabric Texture: Notice the fabric of your dress. If it’s matte or has a subtle shine, you should wear it for a lipstick with a similar finish. If your dress has a glossy and shimmery look, go for a lipstick that has a bit of shine.
  • Skin Tone: While it’s important to match your dress, your skin color plays a role in your outfit coming together. Soft pinks and light corals suit fair skin and rich berry shades match darker complexions.
  • Time: Make sure to also take note of the time, as for daytime events, light and natural colors are ideal but for nighttime events, you can go for bolder colors.
  1. Layering: Sometimes to achieve the perfect lip, you need to layer different shades. If none of the tips are working, try layering two colors of the same tone to finish the outfit.
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To conclude, lipstick is essential for every outfit so getting the perfect lipstick shade to compliment your outfit is important. Remember to also try and see which color you like the most, as some of these tips may not work for everyone. We hope this article was some help for you!

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