Congratulations for adding something to your wardrobe with a shimmering little sequin! Now it’s about time to move out and get heard. Just how much too much of a sparkle?

That piece of sequin apparel IS the accessory. What that means is that you don’t really need one more sparkly piece of anything. Yeah, technically shoes and a purse are accessories. In a moment, we will get to those. But it is important to note that if, for example, you’re wearing a sequin dress, you’re doing double duty. It’s covering you up first going nude outside seems to be a bad idea. Second, it wraps you up in a sexy, glittery way. And that’s an accessories point, like a necklace, a pair of earrings, or a bracelet. They add the glamor element and glitz to your look. That is what your sequined clothing does for you too.

One glittering piece per outfit. It’s not often that you ‘re going to wear a long killer sequin gown (or suit), unless you’re attending a lot of movie premieres – the Met Gala – or you’re RuPaul – or you’re Miss Cee doing a Walk of Shame. However, note that a long sequin gown, or suit, is a lot of sequin when you so So.

If you walk the red carpet, you probably left your coat in the limo, but if you need a dress, never use a sequin dress, NEVER, even if it’s custom made to fit your gown (or suit) with your sequin. You may have a beautiful sequin cocktail dress with your BFFs for a night out and throw a cropped jacket over the top, or you may layer a sequin jacket over a standard fabric cocktail dress. Kids, ONE piece with sequins is enough, either way.