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Selection of sunscreen in summer

We live in a time where it is necessary to apply SPF protection factor on a daily basis. We need to apply 365 days a year, and when there is no sun and it hides behind the clouds, it is mandatory to apply. Now that summer and warm weather are coming, you do…

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If you are not a person who uses many accessories, but you want to shine in your outfits, let me introduce you to the chain strap top, this top was part of many DIYs on YouTube for years until finally, the clothing brands decided that it was a trend and that we needed…

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Fashion People are Wearing with Trench Coats

An ultra-classic investment piece that every wardrobe should have is Trench coats. They have that sudden timeless appeal and have become a closet essential in recent years. Many times when we think about a trench coat we only think about Sherlock Holmes, a black umbrella, and rain. That classic picture that relates detectives…

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Fashionable Ladies Long Sleeve Sweatshirt Trends

Have you ever got this warm and snuggly feeling about your blanket? It feels so warm and cozy that you do not want to leave it and go anywhere. Neither your gym, nor your office, even classes. You just want to stay in that comfort and warmth. Well, the designers heard your plea….

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Hexinfashion Sexy Lingerie and Plus Size Clothing

Plus size world of fashion has been basic and uninspiring for the longest time. Besides the styles used to be basic with more neutral colors like black, navy blue etc. The plus size sections used to be smaller in comparison to the regular size, and sometimes the trendy fashion items were never available…

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Classic Wear of Plaid Tops

Contemporary opinion on plaid appears to lie in one of two camps: those who perceive it as a plain, stylish fundamental and those who denounce it as a sartorial emblem of that shudder-inducing neologism, the ‘hipster.’ But dismissing plaid as yet another familiar pattern is doing it a disservice, as its past and…

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