If you are not a person who uses many accessories, but you want to shine in your outfits, let me introduce you to the chain strap top, this top was part of many DIYs on YouTube for years until finally, the clothing brands decided that it was a trend and that we needed This but without doing it ourselves, you don’t know how many times this top has saved me at the time of a party or event because it looks super chic, and I don’t have to add many accessories, maybe a few earrings but more than that, no, if you want to show off expensive you need to add this garment to your wardrobe because the holidays and Christmas are approaching, we have been so separated from everyone these last two years that it is time to celebrate and look good while you do it.

High fashion brands included this style in their latest collections just to show that the style had really returned but I think we all knew it would return, obviously after this stores like H&M and Zara bring out this style in all the versions you need and that you do not need, which is appreciated because the more options to use this style the better, if you feel that you do not have clothes to go out to go to a party with your friends or to go out at night to a restaurant, this option is the most recommended because It gives you that edgy style that we look for so much when we want to go out and that we never figure out how to have it because here it is, and it’s all yours.

As the holidays and all the festivities are approaching, you are going to have to wear many outfits and you need inspiration because we are somewhat rusty in going out since we have been locked in our homes without the possibility of celebrating with our loved ones, so we have to take advantage of all the time we have to look spectacular because we deserve it.

The accessories included in this top are saving you that decision of what to combine these clothes with, we recommend earrings and bracelets, midi skirts in the same color are an obvious decision but skinny jeans and platform shoes are a must, black and white on a satin fabric it’s the perfect go-to option.