Have you ever got this warm and snuggly feeling about your blanket? It feels so warm and cozy that you do not want to leave it and go anywhere. Neither your gym, nor your office, even classes. You just want to stay in that comfort and warmth. Well, the designers heard your plea. And we have got sweatshirts that you can snug into and relax. Well, the Sweatshirts are comfortable and even trendy, but they definitely make your life easier. Priorly sweatshirts were only used as a work out wear or a relaxing wear. But nowadays there are a lot of fashion trends in sweatshirts. They can be paired with different outfits giving you that unique chic look.

When should you wear a sweatshirt?

Well, the sweatshirts were made such,that they absorb sweat, and they keep you warm, all the while letting you cool down slowly. Unless it is too hot. Sweatshirts can be paired with anything a mini skirt, that cute pair of shorts you have, jeans, or simple cotton pants too. They have very soon turned into a fashion statement as many of the celebrities are also pairing it with different outfits.

Let us look at what kind of different Sweatshirts do we have nowadays-

1.Sports Sweatshirts

They are over normal daily wear sweatshirts that we wear while working out or going to a gym. But you can still wear them with skirts, jeans and shorts and even trousers.

2.Printed Sweatshirts

There are a lot of trends in sweatshirts and especially the ones in animal prints, or any other. Also, it will depend on the color palette and you may find it in different colors like blue, red, beige, grey, black, yellow, and many more. Animal prints have been quite famous in celebrities for a while and are widely sought out by fashionistas.

3.Sweatshirts with labels and entertaining phrases

Who doesn’t love a dose of quirky humor? Nowadays, shirts with cute and witty sayings have been quite famous. So, the sweatshirts with intelligent phrases, metaphors and quotes also gained popularity recently. They have become quite famous in casual wear.

4.Cute Drawing sweatshirts, or cartoon sweatshirts

As a little girl, I have always loved fairytales and obviously cartoons. So, to remember your childhood and with some quirky dose of humor, we have many sweatshirts that are based on cartoons. Pairing them with shorts or jeans skirts has displayed quite a trendy look.

5.Sweatshirts with drawings, landscapes and 3D figures

As we are going digital, obtaining and viewing images in 3D, why not go for 3D images sweatshirts also. These sweatshirts are quite a hit, and play a huge role in blossoming your character.

So, apart from these we have a wide variety of sweatshirts, like sweatshirts with wide sleeves, cropped sweatshirts that you can pair with high waist jeans. Long sweatshirts with leggings and belt.

So, here are some trends with sweatshirts and I love the landscape image ones and I’m definitely going to add them to my collection. So, don’t wait let’s explore.!!