Halsey wears sexy black lingerie at the Playboy Party in Las Vegas

Last weekend, Halsey attended the Playboy’s annual Midsummer Night Dream Party in Las Vegas.

The 23-year-old singer hosted and performed a theme show at the Cosmopolitan’s Marquee Nightclub’s Midsummer Night’s Dream Party, featuring thongs with gold chains and a semi-cut corset showing themed lingerie. Exterior. band. She wore a long blond wig and a black bow on her hair and put on the dress.

She posted photos on Instagram with photos titled “Playboy”, with a star on the photo with a playful pose and heart-shaped white sunglasses.

She posted another photo of her sexy look, saying, “You are the second person to kill me this week. But I still have seven lives… -Selina Kyle,” Batman returns The catwoman quoted, some fans thought it might be a mention of G-Eazy, and Halsey recently split after a year-long relationship.

The singer left a mysterious message under a G-Eazy Instagram photo last week, which made fans confused about the state of their relationship and whether there was hostility between the couple. She later clarified that she did not attempt to pass her comment “small gas”. “The title is stupid and interesting, the stage looks very troublesome. Hey everyone who sees the show!”

The singer posted a note on Instagram and announced that the couple broke up and said: “I usually keep this kind of thing secret, but it provides our publicity, I think it is necessary to inform my fans. G-Eazy I have been separated from me for some time. I am eager to continue to postpone my time in my art and career and during my tour. I wish him all the best. Thank you for respecting our privacy.”

Ask E. Let: My boyfriend likes to wear lingerie

Dear Jean Jean: My husband likes to wear underwear. I have to say that sex is great when he wears it. At first it was just underwear. But recently he wore bras and garters in stockings and occasionally in pajamas. As I mentioned, sex is crazy, so although I am very happy to see men I like to wear underwear, this trade-off is worth it. He swears that he is not gay and will love me forever. But how normal is this superstition? It has reached this level, unless he wears at least a bra and underwear, he can’t show it. To be honest, he is doing better now than I am. -Mrs. Unmentionables

Mrs. Winnie, Dear: You ask, “How normal?” No one knows. But I guess this number will shock the researchers’ pants. Oops, if we only looked at the Ask E. Jean letter for 25 years, we will see evidence of a lot of straight men wearing underwear. In fact, because love is so “crazy,” I want to know if I should tell women who complain to their aunts about their lack of firepower and “borrowing your underwear”!

Anna Heinrich is like you have never seen her before!

The bachelor’s winner took off his underwear and performed a sensual display in a lively skincare advertisement.


As a social media influencer and brand ambassador, she became a profitable sideline on reality TV.


This week, Anna Heinrich decided to replace her usual sponsored selfies with sexier ones, starring in a commercial advertisement for a pharmacy skincare brand.


In commercials, the 31-year-old took off his bra and panties before going to bed and squirmed with a mysterious man, supposedly Tim Robards.


“How do you feel about your daily life in the morning?” She groaned in another scene before applying a moisturizer to her decorative needle.


“The feeling of touch and smell has the power to transport you…” The social media model writes in the title.


The star whose lawyer became a reality was full of comments after sharing commercials. One fan wrote: “Hey, it makes me feel a little uncomfortable.”


Anna announced that she had signed an ambassador for the brand in February and said that Priceline’s products are both “fair and effective.”


In June, the blonde married Tim Robards at a luxurious Italian ceremony.


The couple met in the first season of the 2013 bachelor.


Anna is now preparing for her next reality TV company, as Kyle Sandilands’ new celebrity court show, and try Kyle’s official camera lawyer.


The show was announced as part of the Tenth Channel Pilot Week and is expected to air sometime this year.

As part of the lingerie wardrobe, enhance your style with nude shades

Perhaps no other underwear has the same importance as a bare chest in today’s women’s wardrobe. This seemingly inconspicuous outfit is a wonderful product that will change your look and make your style a complex advantage.

PrettySecrets’ product design underwear, pajamas, swimwear and sportswear leader Shruti Behal listed the advantages of nude underwear.

*Nude color underwear is absolutely essential because it can be worn under any type of clothing. It is especially suitable for custom, transparent, white and bright clothing. That’s why the nude bra will prove to be your perfect PM to PM bra.

When buying a nude bra, it is also important to choose a nude bra that checks all of these points. A good nude piece should look and feel invisible, creating a smooth silhouette that blends into your complexion.

Always choose a bare bra with a broadband or more than 2 hooks on the back. If worn as a strapless bra, this will ensure that they do not slip.

Nude bra, detachable shoulder strap, so you don’t have to worry about strapless clothes.

Jennifer Kapasi, Commercial Director of Triumph International in India and Sri Lanka, also has some input to share.

Matches your skin tone: There are nude bras on the market that are suitable for a variety of skin tones, so you don’t have to choose a universal beige. This way, no matter what your skin color, you will have a bra that is perfect for you and give you an invisible look under your outfit.

Nude doesn’t mean boredom: In addition to the “skin” bra, there are many other almost nude colors that can be used in thin and light clothing. Think of a touch of pastels, chocolate or coffee tones, earthy tones, and more. These shades will give you the variety of interior wardrobes you need.

Seamless is the way to go: Choose a seamless style, without any type of lace or decoration, not only under the tights, but also almost all other clothing can be worn.

More advantages: Since you can match the nude bra of almost all clothing, don’t forget that there are at least 3-4 pieces in your closet. Wearing the same bra every day will greatly reduce the life of the bra, so it is best to have 2-3 bras to rotate.

Look for other features: If you want to improve comfort, you can also choose the product with “Magic Line”, which is a non-metallic plastic wire that can provide you with wireless wire support. You can also choose a bra with a ‘Spacer Cup’ that is made from breathable and lightweight fabric that can be worn comfortably or invisibly or as an alternative to a padded bra.

We found the sexiest underwear on the internet

We found the sexiest underwear on the internet

The model is talking about booking her latest show, shaping WordPress underwear in the latest perfect fit sport, shot by Lachian Bailey. She admits that this is a surreal moment.
The main thing you have to remember on this journey is to be good to everyone and always smile.
Dalbesio said that this is a bit confusing because I am a bigger girl. I am not the biggest girl on the market, but I am definitely bigger than all the girls [Calvin Klein], so this is really daunting. She is not sure, she said what her expectations of her size or shape were when she was filming.

What’s refreshing is that her expectations are the same as Lara Stone’s expectations: take a beautiful photo.

The emotional discomfort at the time of acceptance rises in a series of waves, peaks and falls.
You have to learn a little. The world has become free. Give up all other worlds except the world you belong to.
It’s that simple, but so important, the white shirt is the foundation of any wardrobe. It’s also the most functional project, and you can free yourself from work by simply unlocking a few buttons. What style is suitable for boyfriends and even what kind of fabric from silk to heavy cotton is best for your personal style.

Calvin Klein is known for launching careers like slim models like Brooke Shields and Kate Moss, who play a model that deviates from the scale and dare to spend a lot of years with Dalbesio. .

I must explain to you the condemnation concept of all these mistakes.
The pain of happiness and praise is born, I will give you a complete explanation
The system and the actual teaching
The great truth explorer, the master of human happiness.
Adderall and flirting with gluttony in an attempt to weaken himself on behalf of progress released the event, just like wow it seems that this plus size girl is playing in our campaign, just quick unlocking a few buttons.

Victoria’s secret may be heading for a crisis, as angry customers are filled with complaints about “rough underwear” on their Facebook page.

Victoria’s secret is struggling. Sales have fallen recently and have been accused of alienating customers with their lively advertising.
Some shoppers have taken social media to complain that the quality of their products and customer service has also dropped.
Some customers say they have been loyal to the brand for more than a decade, and now they say they will no longer be shopping there.
Victoria’s secret is in a bad state – sales have fallen, and its provocative ads are increasingly seen as deaf people in the #MeToo era.

As a result, more active brands, such as American Eagle’s Aerie, have removed traditional American underwear brands from their pedestals and gradually took market share.

However, in addition to these marketing issues, the company has bigger problems. Customers spoke on social media, complaining about the quality of retailers’ products and the services they receive in stores.

“I used to like this place… until the underwear I bought was disintegrated after two gentle washings,” one shopper complained on Victoria’s Secret’s Facebook page.


“You changed the manufacture of one of the best bras I have ever worn. Your full-face bra with a steel ring is a very comfortable bra until you ruin it with cheap construction and thin fabric. However, Of course, the price remains the same,” another shopper wrote.

A customer wrote on the company’s Facebook page: “I have purchased PINK and Victoria’s secret clothing. Stop raising prices and lowering quality.” Commercial Insider / Mary Hanbury
Unfortunately, these quality complaints do not seem to be limited to Victoria’s Secret underwear, as several shoppers complain that their teen brand Pink also has some quality issues.

“In the less than one year, I bought 3 different trousers, all 3 defective seams, which were torn after washing in the ‘exquisite’ cycle of the washing machine several times,” one customer Complaining on Facebook.

Another shopper explained that after she wore it twice, a pair of pink leggings ripped open at the seams. She said that she bought it again twice, after which the two men tore open in just a few months.


Victoria’s secret did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s comments on how to respond to these complaints or whether it changed its manufacturer.

It’s not just quality – Victoria’s Secrets often have customer service complaints on Facebook’s comment page. As a result, some shoppers say they have been loyal to the brand for more than a decade, and now they say they will no longer exist.

“I have been a customer for more than 14 years, but I can’t do it anymore. The quality of your product has deteriorated badly. The last straw is ordered from half-year sales, you let me order the item, then cancel two weeks later, “One The customer wrote on Facebook. “I don’t usually judge the business so badly, but I have to do it.”

Another customer wrote: “Just want to tell Victoria, your real secret is: your store is understaffed, your underwear is becoming more and more rude, your sales staff is not interested, openly hostile, completely incapable of swinging between .”

Dissatisfaction with the brand has been brewing. In April, new data from the brand insight company YouGov showed that women’s perception of Victoria’s Secret has declined slightly since 2013. The so-called “Buzz score” tracks customer perceptions based on what customers see and hear, and has fallen because Victoria’s secrets have lost the favor of women between the ages of 18 and 49.

Your Sustainable Underwear Starter Pack

We use clothes to express ourselves, but sometimes we wear them under the surface, making us feel the most powerful. This week, UndHER World eliminates taboos in lingerie through personal stories, comprehensive shopping reports, and a closer look at the following.

In the positive transformation, we are beginning to pay more and more attention to where our clothing comes from. From the sustainability practices of our favorite fast fashion brands to the commitment of luxury companies to publicly demonstrate their commitment to creating an environmentally friendly path, the highlights of green fashion have made great strides. But what about our clothes? The underwear and underwear we wear should not be just an afterthought – whether in design or sustainability. If we start to keep our clothing at a higher social and economic standard, then the clothes we wear should be the same. If you are just starting a sustainable shopping trip, then underwear is the ideal starting point for you.

Fortunately, there are a bunch of fresh and lovely (and sexy!) lingerie brands that are checking all the boxes without sacrificing style. Platforms like Instagram make it easier for people to discover them one by one. Because if there is anything we don’t want to look like an afterthought, that’s what we tried to do during the sexy period. Insert a short pause here to add underwear that not only applies to other people’s reminders. Your partner or someone else might benefit from it, but at the end of the day, the best underwear is your choice. The feeling of good feeling comes from its source.
Enjoy sustainable fashion choices that make you look better and feel better (not just one…).

Mel B is the ultimate MILF shiny bare ass in sexy lingerie and garter

Mel B is the ultimate MILF shiny bare ass in sexy lingerie and garter

Since the 43-year-old Mel B said for the first time that she wants “zigazig”, it has been more than 20 years, and after she uploaded photos to Instagram on July 17, who wouldn’t want to be her lover? Spice Girl, the host of America’s Got Talent and the mother of three children, became her when she shared her wearing a pink underwear, some black-legged stocks with high thighs and a Christian Louboutin pump that looked like an animal print. The ultimate milf. It may be hot outside, but it seems to be hotter in Mel B’s bedroom.

So why did Mel decide to share this texture pose? She just thinks so. “#freeatlast #currentmood #nostopping #dressup #forme #lovetheskinyourein,” she slammed the hot shot. So, it seems that Mel seems to look sexy and won’t let anyone stop her. Obviously, her fans are very happy that she “likes the skin she is in” because the comments are filled with flame emoji and appreciation comments. “GOODMORNING I told this GORG!!” “Oh, my God, you are perfect” “You are awesome and amazing.”

The “final free” label may mean she didn’t have the clothes she had worn earlier that day, or did she celebrate her divorce with Stephen Bellafonte? Mel B filed a divorce in March 2017 after leaving his job a few months ago. Divorce is an annoying divorce, alleging physical and sexual abuse, as well as drug addiction, being thrown between the two. The couple – with a child together, 6-year-old Madison Brown Belafonte – completed the divorce in December 2017 and let Mel continue her life.

Since then, Mel has lived the best life ever. When she didn’t solve everyone on the AGT, she was completely getting rid of her wardrobe. When she and her friend/hairdresser Gary Mandatyan were on vacation in the California desert hot springs in April, Mel’s bikini top failed to maintain nipple coverage. pant! Terrible Nip Slip – the most common wardrobe failure. Fortunately, Mel doesn’t seem to be bothered by the sudden exposure. After all, judging from the Instagram photo of the underwear, she is very comfortable with her body.

How to buy a cool, untidy bridal underwear

Bridal underwear can be divided into two categories: the clothes you wear under the wedding day, and the things you change afterwards.
Lyn Lewis, CEO of Journelle, explained: “Brides either want to wear clothes or look for gorgeous suits for honeymoons and later.” A small amount of cooked food before the celebration begins – silk robes, cosmetics, sneakers, etc. – Also belongs to this category. However, the way you buy these products may be completely different: “As dresses become less structured, the things that are worn below are often nude, very simple, and shaped,” said Bluebella founder Emily Bendell, the difference. The works from “beautiful, ivory and lace” have changed somewhat. “I told the brides to separate their dream wedding dresses from the wedding dress they dreamed of,” she added, because usually “one person does not wear another person”.
“Bride underwear customers are usually very traditional – people really want romance and softness,” Helena Stuart of Only Hearts told Glamour. In purchasing these special pieces, she used the same philosophy as everyday underwear: “comfort first”. Also, if you want bridal underwear, she recommends buying clothes for a few days, which is a very clever reason – “Most brides only consider their wedding night, but newlyweds are often too uncomfortable to enjoy.”
This particular type of underwear is not an underwear that is necessarily affected by the trend. According to Stewart, it is “still very classic and traditional” – nevertheless, you will see designers using contours and fabrics. “What I enjoy now is the interest in simple shapes, cut out of quality materials,” she added. But Sandra Rose, head of merchandising, planning and product development at Journelle, believes that this is part of its speciality. “The reason why wedding underwear is so interesting is that it is not always influenced by the wider trend of the underwear industry. It is all about finding the special features of the bride; letting her feel the most beautiful things on special days. ”
There are some innovations in the design of the bride’s underwear: Lewis thinks it is “more and more modern – we used to see feminine tailoring and tailoring, and there are many options for this type of choice, [but] there are now underwear brides white, Modern or more whimsical.”
Customers are also looking for alternatives. “I think people are getting rid of the traditional silk style [and] looking for something newer and more modern for modern women today,” Else’s Ela Onour pointed out. “The fabric is lighter, more comfortable, and the style enhances the natural shape, not the filling and heavy.” As an example, she highlights the rise of the traditional strapless bra and the rise of tights. For those who want to deviate from the textbook concept of the bride’s underwear, the latter is especially a good choice, and can wear what you can wear in all kinds of situations – Leveni Zak of ThirdLove suggests “wearing it with a skirt Rehearsal “dinner” or “package” for honeymoon, “because it is” and other underwear and layers. ”
When you buy these special pieces, it may not be a bad idea to think about going beyond your wedding itinerary – in fact, Bendell encourages the brides to think beyond the ritual and honeymoon because “If you think you are beautiful underwear, choose one What you can wear again – [something] romantic and beautiful, not only will scream ‘bride’.”
If you are also looking for particularly cool bridal lingerie, but it is not too precious, check out the gallery selection in front of us.

Annual development of the underwear market and forecasts for 2013-2025

The global lingerie market analyzes market size, share, sales (consumption), gross margin and revenue by product type, application and key market participants. The underwear market data from 2013 to 2017 is the main basis for this study. Celebrities in the industry are major contributors to accurate and reliable data.

The underwear market report focuses on bras, underpants and panties, casual wear, shape wear, other supplies (production), consumption, exports, imports, price trends, etc. The report also focuses on regional performance in terms of revenue, market share, manufacturing costs, market influences and consumer demand, while focusing on these product types.

Underwear market report considers target customers of underwear applications, consumption growth rate, etc.

The Underwear Market Report includes market competition analysis for major manufacturers, taking into account each manufacturer’s capacity, production, share, revenue, average price, manufacturing base distribution, sales area and product type. In addition, the report, market concentration rate, market share of the top 3 and top 5 manufacturers, as well as mergers and acquisitions, expansion are explained in detail.