Men wearing sexy lingerie are now a trend

Ladies around the world always complain that their partner’s clothes are very boring. Considering the complaints of women, a new underwear brand has put some very sexy bras for men.

Women have many choices in clothing and underwear, such as
These thongs feature Brazilian and Bridget Jones-style trousers with no shoulder straps, multi-directional and water-topped chest. Although men only have boxers or panties.
Homme Mystere is a brand that sells underwear, and now they have launched a new collection for men.

They are now selling lace bras and matching shorts for men who feel they need to wear a dress that will make their lives more vivid and make them look more sexy on the bed.
Men’s underwear collection includes silk pajamas, baby dolls and tights.
The bras they introduced did not actually have a specific cup size.
These bras are quite cushioned for the comfort of the customer.

A survey conducted to guess the popularity of a product shows that not only men, but women also like to see men wearing pants.
When discussing the product, a woman said that she was very impressed with this and she and her guys would pass this trend.
Another lady said she can now go shopping with her partner.

12 sexy bras and panties she actually wants to wear

So you bought her some underwear. Special, laced, and maybe even ruffled. She looks great. But no matter what happens, it will disappear into a drawer, where it is not touched, and you want to know what is wrong with it, or with you, or with her.
You may think that the underwear is wrong. This is not only for special occasions, it only needs to be removed immediately. Underwear has a specific purpose: to make her feel sexy and tempting, while also providing comfort and practicality.
This is what Michelle Cordeiro Grant, founder and CEO of the successful lingerie startup Lively, believes. She said she used to put two rows of bras in her drawer: a sexy and “super boring” bra. “I think, ‘Let’s put the two together.'”
Women want two things in underwear: comfort and fashion. But not just any style – their own style. Underwear is “the first thing a woman wears and her last thing,” said Dr. Fillno, a professor of cultural studies at the University of Fresno, Jill Fields, who is the author of “Intimate Events: Women,” Lingerie and Sex. . “This is closely related to the most intimate aspects of her body.”
Therefore, if it does not meet her self-awareness, it will detract from her happiness. “Underwear shouldn’t be contoured and pushed and pulled, which will drive ‘this is not my body’,” Grant said. She may be looking for something that can be integrated into many aspects of her life: she can wear cosmetics, dolls and silky pajamas, as well as vests and mini dresses that are worn during the day. Eberjey’s co-founder Mariela Rovito said looking for soft fabrics such as modal, pima cotton, jersey and stretch lace.
If you want to buy her underwear, this is great. Just don’t forget that you bought this for her, not you. Dr. Stephen Snyder, a New York City therapist, said: “Men mistakenly believe that women wearing underwear can make them look irresistible.” “The truth is, this is just a side benefit. Most women wear it for themselves. it.”
This is good for her sex life and your sex life. So start shopping.

Celebrity brothers Gabby Allen and Chloe Ayling take off their sexy lingerie because Roxanne Pallett squirts cream on her chest in the sexiest task

Celebrity brothers Gabby Allen and Chloe Ayling take off their sexy lingerie because Roxanne Pallett squirts cream on her chest in the sexiest task

CELEBRITY Big Brother’s Gabby Allen and Chloe Ayling took off their sexy lingerie, and Roxanne Pallett sprayed the cream on her chest in the sexiest task.

As part of the “Public Sight” challenge, Kirstie Alley was responsible for choosing roommates to help her “evoke the audience”.

By reading the challenge instructions in “Big Brother”, the star “See who is talking” started.

She explained: “The eyes of the public are very naughty, I hope you help to evoke the audience.

“Choose your roommate who wants to help you.”

She chose Roxanne, Chloe and Gabby, while the former Emmerdale star started a lively task with a can of whipped cream and started a useless task.

When Kirstie stood there yelling “Yes, yes, yes!”, the actress sprayed it all over her chest and into her mouth.

Next, Chloe wore sexy red and black underwear and had to whipped the person in the public eye.

Kirstie said: “Call him and tell him how bad he is.”

Chloe didn’t do a particularly good job, so Roxanne took over with more energetic performance, because it made people shine.

I saw Gabby swaying on the floor in black underwear and then splitting with a pink feather scarf next to her.

Then, when she was resting on the chair, her task was to pour baby oil on Chloe’s chest.

Then Chloe lay on the floor, covering her friend with oil and letting her back.

Investors avoid L Brand shares, Victoria’s secret pink lingerie ‘no longer needed’

Although L Brands is looking to reverse its Victoria’s secret underwear brand, it still has a headache: its teen counterpart Pink.

Victoria’s Secret, the owner of Pink and Bath & Body Works, said late Wednesday that it is reducing its full-year profit guidance due to the weakness of its Pink brand.

Company executives told analysts on Thursday morning that comparable store sales growth for teen-based brands fell by one digit to the median in the second quarter. On Wednesday night, the company announced the retirement of Pink CEO Denise Landman. On October 1st, Amy Hauk, president of merchandising and product development at Bath & Body Works, will replace Landman.

Executives said that L Brand now expects earnings per share of $2.58 to $2.70 in 2018, which is lower than the previous forecast of $2.70 to $3.00 per share. For the third quarter, it now expects earnings per share between $0.00 and $0.05.

L Brands shares fell more than 10% on Thursday to $28.66 a share, trading at its lowest point since 2011.

Victoria’s Secret’s Pink sells bras, panties and casual wear such as leggings and wool. Victoria’s secrets have met their challenges in transcending sexy lingerie, as it has become the comfort style of choice today.

These stumbling blocks offer opportunities for competitors, including millennials, such as American Eagle’s Aerie division, Adore Me and ThirdLove.

Victoria’s secret offset some of Pink’s decline. Compared with the same period last year, their comparable store sales fell by 1% in the second quarter. Bath & Body Works’ same-store sales increased by 10%, helping to alleviate the pain. Overall, the company’s merchandise sold in stores that have been in business for at least a year has increased by 3%.

As analysts blamed Victoria’s secrets, executives on Thursday opposed the idea that pink lost contact with its shoppers.

“I don’t think that pink has lost the ability to connect with customers and has excited in our core constituencies,” said Landman.

Despite detailed information about the Pink Transformation Program, executives blame some of the challenges of their top wool business. Executives say shoppers are delaying the purchase of college-style wool until the weather turns cold, reflecting a new “buy now, wear now” mentality that has penetrated the industry.

Some analysts are skeptical on Thursday whether White can reverse the situation under new leadership.

Jefferies analysts wrote: “The change in the pink leadership… won’t do anything because the brand is no longer wanted.”

Pink is a nearly $3 billion brand that had sales of about $12 billion last year.

Llanz, based in Columbus, Ohio, reported second-quarter revenue of $99 million, or 36 cents a share, down from $138.9 million, or 48 cents a share, in the same period last year. This is better than the analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters expecting 34 cents per share.

The company reported net sales for the second quarter earlier this month at $2.98 billion, up from $2.76 billion in the same period last year.

Underwear is using numbers from novices, suitable for technology to improve

The way women watch bras has changed dramatically – and the right technology and social media – is helping a group of women who are directly facing consumers to make progress in the underwear category, as loyal users of some entities are struggling to cope with sales slowdowns.

This includes the American lingerie brand Lively, founded by former Victoria’s secret executives who found an opportunity for more inclusive branding and appropriate innovation.

Lively’s founder and CEO, Michelle Cordeiro Grant, said, “Victoria’s secrets account for between one-third and 40% of the US lingerie market, depending on what you see, about $13 billion.” According to Zion Market According to the research firm, the global underwear market is worth $38.9 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $59.5 billion by 2024.

Cordeiro Grant is a former Victorian secret executive who noted the industry’s potential for differentiation during her branding. According to L Brands’ June 2018 sales report, sales of Victoria’s Secret Stores in the US and Canada fell by 5% in 2018.

“Their view of underwear is what women feel when they see other important people. From the point of view of brand promotion, what I feel is how women feel when they look at themselves, because today’s “sexy” is smart and healthy. Positive and confident,” Cordeiro Grant said.

Again, this is Victoria’s secret experience, prompting Heidi Zak to launch the American lingerie brand ThirdLove. “I am buying a bra and wondering why I am shopping with a brand that doesn’t have quality products and there is no convincing news that resonates with me,” she said. “In general, women like to buy bras on average, which is really the driving force behind third love.”

These new players have developed new marketing strategies and are taking a new frontier to enter the market in an unorthodox way. They use e-commerce as a gateway to the industry, which is a daunting task given the nature of the product.

To address this dilemma, these brands have enabled hundreds of women to develop their own online fitness guides. Trusst Lingerie tested 300 prototypes on hundreds of women. Knix’s initial size system was based on 220 women, and Lively held 300,000 online meetings before launch.

ThirdLove’s Zak hopes to digitize the expertise and knowledge of in-store sales assistants. She claims that its Fit Finder tool is near perfect, and so far the brand has collected data on more than 10 million women using Fit Finder. Data informs product development, such as the brand’s famous half-size development. More than one-third of ThirdLove customers have purchased half the size.

“We offer more than 70 sizes, including half a cup that we don’t have others, and we can really analyze how many women are asking for specific sizes that we don’t offer,” Zach said. “Just a few weeks ago, we added 24 new sizes, which are the first 24 sizes we didn’t carry.”

Scale tolerance is crucial. In an age when people of all shapes and sizes are demanding recognition and celebration, brands can no longer count on women to fit traditional cookie cutters. “We have the right size, not just S, M, L. Our actual size is based on your body to achieve your perfect fit, rather than expecting all women to fit these three sizes,” says Faith Leeves. Founder of the British brand Lara Intimates.

Lara Intimates’s fit guide is similar to ThirdLove’s Fit Finder, bringing a true experience of integration into a digital platform. “If you enter our studio, this is the way we are right for you, so they don’t have to worry about their secrets in Victoria or the size of Marks & Spencer,” Leeves said.

“Many people think that underwear won’t work online, but I think you can do it if you help women to make sure they know what their body will look like,” adds Cindy Liberman, co-founder of Lara Intimates. “Let them measure and buy for the first time. It is building this trust because the underwear buying experience is habitual.”

Although Lara Intimates has a studio near Hackney Wick, two-thirds of its sales are still sold online, most of which are designed for the small back large cup market.

The renovation is coming for your LLINGRIE drawer

In the past year, religious reforms have steadily expanded into a new set of categories – we talk about swimming, children’s wear, small clothes and even baby clothes. In addition to underwear, the favorite of sustainability comes from every corner of the wardrobe. Although bras and underwear have become popular favorites of several of Reformation’s contemporaries (such as Everlane and Madewell), the Los Angeles-based retailer has only officially entered the lingerie market until now.

On Monday, Reformation launched its first official lingerie collection, limited edition bra, bra and underwear. The product line is made from a variety of sustainable fabrics, including transparent velvet, recycled lace and eco-mesh. Prices range from $12 to $45, ranging in size from the bottom S-L to the bra’s XS-L. (It’s worth noting that this is not as inclusive as other contemporaries, namely Rihanna and Aerie’s Savage Fenty, whose mission is to cater to women’s curves as much as possible.)

“In today’s culture, our self-worth is often based on appearance, and underwear movements tend to focus only on our bodies,” Reformation said in a press release. “Although it’s hard to say how to show underwear without semi-nakedness, today we also want to hone other qualities. As you know, brain and achievement.”

In addition to abandoning the official campaign image, the Reformation Association also selected four “real” women to imitate the goods: Daisy, a postdoctoral fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School; Rachel, founder of Swipe Out Hunger And CEO; JoAnna, a plastics and reconstruction surgeon in Los Angeles; and Jamie, an entertainment lawyer specializing in music and fashion law. You can see their full image and complete image on

Underwear Thief: The woman stole from the SA adult store and discarded the ID card during the robbery, SAPD said

Underwear Thief: The woman stole from the SA adult store and discarded the ID card during the robbery, SAPD said

San Antonio – San Antonio police arrested a 27-year-old woman who told the cashier that the total price was too high and the woman stole several pieces of clothing from the adult store.

The woman was confirmed to be Estella Acevedo and is now charged with a second-degree felony.

According to an arrest affidavit, Acevedo walked into the Adam and Eve adult stores on the 6900 block of San Pedro Avenue around 9pm on July 24.

A woman working at the store cashier told the police that she saw Acevedo grab a few pieces of clothing and then walked to the counter with them. The affidavit said that when she called the goods, Acevedo told her that the price was too high, but the goods had run out.

According to the affidavit, the woman chased Acevedo behind the store and Acevedo began to hit her face and arm with a stick.

According to the affidavit, after Acevedo escaped, the stolen items were left behind and the victim found Acevedo’s wallet and mobile phone on the ground.

Acevedo is now accused of robbery and is detained in Bexar County Prison instead of a $20,000 bond.

KARDASHIANS appears in the advertising campaign LINGERIE

KARDASHIANS appears in the advertising campaign LINGERIE

Kardashian sisters have everything! Powerful and the most coveted celebrity of the moment, they were clicked by Calus Klein for Marcus Hyde. In the picture, Kourtney, Khloé and Kim Kardashian, as well as Kendall and Kylie Jenner seem to be wearing only underwear brands.

This photo was released by the brand and caused frustration for Internet users. Many people point out that Kendall is the youngest of the world’s most famous celebrity families. “Kendall is very sexy,” said one follower.

No matter where they go, Kardashian will attract people’s attention, whether it is body, clothing or accessories. For example, Kim recently performed too much in an event in Florida and was targeted by the camera. In her lime green panties, when she spent a night with her friends in Miami, she eventually got her “groin” groin.

Britney Spears shows off gender status in PVC lingerie striptease

Damn! I Did It Again is currently on tour with her Piece of Me.

In her busy schedule, the 36-year-old has released a series of compelling snapshots of her Britney Spears Instagram.

Britney Spears – dating personal trainer Sam Asghari, 24 years old – recently released her new fragrance Prerogative, which is very happy for her longtime fans.

On social media, the blonde shared a lively hot event to celebrate her latest beauty business.

Looking at every inch of American beauty, the female singer was stripped of a more compact PVC cropped top than the skin.

She finished wearing a pair of trousers, with a sling and over-the-knee boots.

Britney had a smoky eyeshadow and a pale pink grin on her body. When she was holding her arms around her, she made a glare.

It turns out that this is very obvious among the 20.7 million fans of Spears.

A witty follower joked: “Come on, latex – Ni!”

Britney appeared very hot shortly after she was amazed at the Brighton Pride Festival earlier this month.

The little star performed her biggest hit song in front of a record 57,000 people.

At the end of the event, Britney told her 56.2 million fans: “Brighton is proud… all 57,000 people are very beautiful.

“I heard that this is a record-breaking voter turnout. Thank you for your wonderful performance. My wonderful fans, I love you.”

She added: “I have always liked the UK and let me love it tonight.”

When can I buy the Navy Savage x Fenty Lingerie? Rihanna has launched a new color for fans

If you have any questions, Rihanna likes her fans, then you should not have them. Designers, singers and actors are more than just versatile talent. She is also committed to her fans, and her new Savage x Fenty underwear color (with size XS-3X; 32A-44DD) is to show them how much she likes them.

Although Fenty Beauty may be one of Rihanna’s most accessible works (after all, it is in Sephora), her Savage x Fenty underwear is another gorgeous product of the star. Like everything she did, Rihanna’s underwear has a message. Not only is it a tolerant size brand, but it also has a full range of nude colors for all skin tones. Rihanna is an equal opportunity that everyone offers! From traditional lingerie, such as teddy bears to classic casual ballet, this line has everything, and it’s just growing. This time, it uses a new color.

The brand has just launched Rose Quartz, Dessert, Military and the Ultimate Navy. One of the new shades is especially special, if you are a hardcore Rihana fan, you probably already know which one it is. The new Savage x Fenty naval work is to pay tribute to her most loyal fans.

In an article that shows the work of the Black Widow series from Savid x Fenty, the brand explains that they have “brought something new to the Navy.” What does this mean? Well, like most celebrities, Rihanna’s fans have a name, and the Navy is like this. Think of Ariana Grande and her Arianators or BTS and BTS Army. For Rihanna, this is the navy. Now, Savage x Fenty has a color that suits them.

In fact, Rihanna even picked up her personal Instagram account and called the Navy: “Where is my navy?! This shadow is for you!” Talk about the main hobbies of her fans?

When can you buy a new Navy Savage x Fenty conference? good news! They live today, August 16. New colors (including navy tones) are part of the brand’s fall release, they are already available for purchase, and everyone has a lot to choose from.

The new colors on the Savage x Fenty website come in a variety of styles. From classic bikini panties, wireless trousers and T-shirt bras to some of the sexiest lingerie the brand offers, you can get the most out of all the star collections in new shades to recognize her fans.