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Celebrity brothers Gabby Allen and Chloe Ayling take off their sexy lingerie because Roxanne Pallett squirts cream on her chest in the sexiest task

CELEBRITY Big Brother’s Gabby Allen and Chloe Ayling took off their sexy lingerie, and Roxanne Pallett sprayed the cream on her chest in the sexiest task.

As part of the “Public Sight” challenge, Kirstie Alley was responsible for choosing roommates to help her “evoke the audience”.

By reading the challenge instructions in “Big Brother”, the star “See who is talking” started.

She explained: “The eyes of the public are very naughty, I hope you help to evoke the audience.

“Choose your roommate who wants to help you.”

She chose Roxanne, Chloe and Gabby, while the former Emmerdale star started a lively task with a can of whipped cream and started a useless task.

When Kirstie stood there yelling “Yes, yes, yes!”, the actress sprayed it all over her chest and into her mouth.

Next, Chloe wore sexy red and black underwear and had to whipped the person in the public eye.

Kirstie said: “Call him and tell him how bad he is.”

Chloe didn’t do a particularly good job, so Roxanne took over with more energetic performance, because it made people shine.

I saw Gabby swaying on the floor in black underwear and then splitting with a pink feather scarf next to her.

Then, when she was resting on the chair, her task was to pour baby oil on Chloe’s chest.

Then Chloe lay on the floor, covering her friend with oil and letting her back.

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