Changing tastes reshape China’s underwear market

Beijing: Comfort is gaining the sexual appeal of the Chinese bra market as women increasingly choose wireless and more comfortable bras as part of a possible shift in the global market.

According to the South China Morning Post, this trend occurs in the Western market, where the trend of sports and leisure helps to improve comfort.

“Meeting your own needs rather than pleasing others is definitely a trend for today’s female consumers,” said Liu Lianjie, founder of Dare One, a one-year-old lingerie startup. The success of this startup proves the importance of comfort – the company will invest tens of millions of yuan this year and operate four physical stores. It is planned to grow to 30 by 2019.

According to CBNData and Tmall, sales of wireless bras in China have increased by 70%. Pascal Martin, a partner at OC&C Strategy Consulting, said the growth was driven by young consumers. “Young women’s insatiable curiosity about global trends and brands, coupled with strong spending power, make them a very attractive customer target for lingerie brands.”

However, this shift is not just for comfort. The aesthetic standard seems to be shifting from sexy to the wearer’s personal satisfaction. A Hong Kong designer, Peggy Marlene Lim, spoke to SCMP, pointing out that the older generation and the younger generation are more focused on comfort and fabric, and “they look more natural than the wire cover.”

At present, China’s $43.42 billion underwear market is still dominated by large Western brands, which are doing business in first-tier cities. As this trend grows with the growing prosperity of low-tier cities, Frost and Sullivan estimates that by the end of 2020, the total market value of Chinese underwear will reach $64.49 billion.

Only one of the top ten brands in the Chinese market is from China. Neiwai mainly sells Tmall and and is rapidly expanding through marketing “higher sex”, just as founder Liu Xiaolu told China Daily.

“It’s a bit exaggerated to call it a feminist. But I want to create a brand that doesn’t distort, suppress or objectify the female body. Instead, it makes them feel comfortable and happy, I think it’s a higher sex. Form,” she said.

For the brand, the offer has changed and the retail experience has changed. Matteo Veronesi, CEO of Calzedonia Group, told the Post that his brand releases new products every week. “This helps us maintain a constant dialogue and relationship with our customers.”

At the same time, the American brand Third Love, reported by WARC earlier this summer, aims to win a comfortable battle by using its consumers’ detailed questionnaires. This information covers previous bra sizes, sources of discomfort and more nuances such as shape. This information will then be used to create the products that the audience wants.

Gwyneth Paltrow at the N.Y.C. lingerie store before the wedding

A source told people that the actress started her birthday celebration (she is 46 years old today) and stayed at Journelle, a lingerie store in Soho, New York.

Although we don’t know exactly what Paltrow chose, this store does have a lot of bridal underwear (it is said that she will soon get married to her fiancé Brad Falchuk) and cute robes that can provide good for her bridesmaids. one’s gift. If you are looking for the perfect bra, Journelle also visits New York City as a shopping destination on the Paltrow lifestyle website Goop.

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Although Paltrow has not released any content related to her birthday on her social media, her upcoming husband has published a sweet, heartfelt message on Instagram calling her “eternal beauty.”

He crowned the photo of Patro’s beach: “She was born with endless gifts – big blue eyes, full of curiosity, generosity and possibility of the brain and heart and those heartbreaking long legs, but she Don’t rely on any one. Gwyneth, you are the most diligent person I know. From the first cup of coffee in the morning to the last whiskey in the evening. From the gym to the office, to the kitchen table to do homework. You always Give it to all of us. Always with a smile (well, almost always). Maybe this is why, even if you are the best person ever, you will get better every year.”

The Oscar-winning actress and Goop founder celebrate her upcoming wedding season all year round. In April, the couple hosted a star-studded black tie engagement party, and Paltrow hosted a single luncheon and party with her famous friends throughout the year.
Celebs includes Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie, and Rachel Zoe hosted a bridal lunch party for Paltrow in April and spent a beach holiday with more friends in Cabo, Mexico later that month.
A source told people, “Gwyneth came to Cabo with a group of girlfriends on Wednesday, including Stella McCartney, for her bachelor party. She looked ecstatic. They planned a lot of fun. Activities including swimming time, spa and fun dinner.”
Since they announced their engagement on the cover of Goop magazine’s sex and love issues, Paltrow has launched her large sapphire ring, and the actress is excited about the wedding planning process.

She had run away with her ex-husband, Chris Martin of the Coldplay team. She had told people that she was “excited about everything” when it comes to wedding planning. “I have never attended a wedding before. So even if I am 45, I still feel like I am 21 years old.”

Underwear marketing is mainly gazing by men. A new book aims to change this.

For a decade, Cora Harrington has introduced her personal interest in intimate apparel to Lingerie Addict, a blog that has fanatically followed and changed the perception of the importance of underwear. Now, Harrington’s understanding of underwear has been in the form of books for many years, In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie.

Rather than positioning underwear as a garment, people wear it for the sexual temptation of others, redefining it in Intimate Detail just to make themselves happy and the joy of beautiful clothing. In the year when the conversation about clothing content also extended to underwear, this book (preface by the funny queen Dita Von Teese) admitted that underwear lovers have various sizes, genders, colors and health conditions. Shortly after the debut in August, In Intimate Detail was selected as a book recommended by New Yorkers.

Harrington told me that she filled out all the content she wanted to know about underwear ten years ago. When the writer who became interested in underwear after not finding any underwear, began to transition from the average consumer to Forbes magazine’s “women change our perception of underwear.”

Harrington and I talked about the origins of her blog, her new book, and common misconceptions about lingerie.
Nadra Nittle
The intimate details truly reflect the spirit of the underwear addict. What are your expectations for this book?

Kola Harrington
I hope it will become a modern and inclusive underwear clothing guide. I hope this book has illustrations instead of photos. I want to talk about the washing and care of underwear and everything I hope I knew 10 years ago. This is what I mentioned in this book. I am very fortunate and fortunate that I have an editor who agrees with this vision – a gender-neutral language, or if you have fibromyalgia or if you are a [gender] transition. We try to cover and keep its volume as much as possible. I hope it is enough to cover. No matter where you are, you can find something useful.

Nadra Nittle
The discussion about underwear size has indeed improved this year, especially since the launch of Savage x Fenty. Why is it that the brand offers a range of sizes is a challenge?

Kola Harrington
The good range can be 40, 50, 60 sizes. Many people have never really considered the scale involved. The size range is 40, 50, it is not small. Expanding the size range can take years. It takes time to develop the fabric to support the H cup. It may be a few years.

Nadra Nittle
What is the idea of ​​most people wearing the wrong bra size? I heard that this is the myth that lets customers enter the store.

Kola Harrington
The thing about these studies is that there really is no publicly available third-party research, just like the general apparel industry. Eighty percent of the data comes from boutiques, and from their generalization of consumers, everyone wears the wrong bra size. But we must remember how we define the wrong bra size. There is no consistency, standard. Every 34C is different. You may be 34C or 32D. I wore 34C and I was told, “Oh, my God, you are wearing the wrong bra size. You are a 30DD.” But for my version, the 30 bands are too tight. The size of the bra I wear is very comfortable for me.

Nadra Nittle
Do you think our society needs more education about underwear as a whole? How to choose? How do you know if it fits and so on?

Kola Harrington
I don’t want everyone to be interested in underwear, but the conversation around it may be limited. It’s discussed in a rigorous and practical way, such as when you need to wear a beige Spanx to look slim, or in a super-sex way, just as you need it to look as good for your man. However, there are not many conversations about wearing underwear for yourself. Knowing more about underwear also requires a willingness to get rid of your comfort zone and its relationship with you, rather than focusing on how others see you, such as being good-looking about your man and making him excited.

Carole Radziwill no longer wears underwear: ‘Men don’t care’

Carole Radziwill prefers to wear naked underwear.

“Men don’t care,” 55-year-old real housewives in New York told Page Six at a party celebrating Evine After Dark in Goldbar, New York, a home-selling program selling sex toys. “I used to have a big underwear competition,” she continued. “But men don’t care. I think they just want you to be naked.”

Radziwill is known for his talent for theatre fashion, and he still appreciates the art of dressing.

“I like a little dress,” she said. “I like sexy bras or underwear. I used to wear stockings with slings and garters, and they are great. It’s not like a sexy night or anything, but when you wear them, you feel extra Fashionable because no one knows. This is a fun, sexy thing, you only know.”

The real star, who won’t return in the next season’s “RHONY”, was recently associated with 33-year-old chef Adam Kenworthy, but earlier this year they broke up after a conversation full of discussions. show.

Although Radziwill seems to have given up most of her underwear, she is still a big fan of sex toys.

The author says she always presents other Housewives Lelo luxury vibrators ($103) to Secret Santa. Sonja Morgan even puts her gift in the dishwasher in an iconic scene in this series. “We didn’t talk about it later, what they did or didn’t do – maybe they gave them back, I don’t know,” Radziwill said.


“But every time is the best secret Santa gift.”

Rihanna brought her savage x Fenty Lingerie Line to New York Fashion Week

After the break of the New York Fashion Week track, Rihanna returned to the biennial fashion event to unveil her lingerie collection Savage x Fenty’s 2018 Fall/Winter collection. Bajan singer will hold a fashion show on September 12th, dedicated to the lingerie brand developed in collaboration with California Techstyle Fashion Group.
Bajan singers will return to the fashion show and will be held in Brooklyn, while most of Manhattan’s fashion week collection will be on the runway from September 6th to September 14th. Recording artists and the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards for Fashion Idol Awards will be implemented as part of the opening ceremony of the series in New York, and now see the way to buy now. As a result, the work on Fashion Week will be released on immediately after the show, followed by pop-ups in the Mall of America in New York, Minnesota and two other cities.

Earlier this May – when the Savage x Fenty lingerie brand was announced – the company was praised for its efforts in marketing to be physically inclusive. Currently, Savage x Fenty offers bra sizes ranging from 70A to 100F. In addition to bras and briefs, Rihanna’s latest adventures include retail robes, corsets, handkerchiefs and whip.


In an interview with the May issue of Vogue, Caribbean pop singers were quoted as saying: “Savage really wants to take full control of your feelings and choices. Basically make sure everyone knows the ball is on your court. Women, we are seen as people in need, those who are jealous, and those who are heartbroken in love relationships. Savage is just the opposite. And you know, men don’t like to flip cards over and over.”

Rihanna’s recent New York Fashion Week debut marks her final Fenty x Puma collection, designed in collaboration with German sportswear manufacturers. The capsule line of fashion avant-garde sportswear is part of a two-year contract that calls itself a bad girl and a hummer. The co-branded project debuted at New York Fashion Week in September 2016. Following the debut of New York City, Fenty x Puma also held a fashion show in Paris to explore the theme from Marie Antoinette to motorsport.
The Grammy Award winner also showed her body’s entrepreneurial bone through the launch of Fenty Beauty in 2017. The artist, born in Robyn Rihanna Fenty, established his own cosmetics company by working with the beauty brand LVHM incubator Kendo. In addition to the internal e-commerce platform of Fenty Beauty, the beauty product line includes products such as Harvey Nichols and Sephora. The cosmetics company has been widely praised by the media and consumers as a brand to fill the space of women’s cosmetics products. At the time of launch, Fenty Beauty offered 91 products, including 40 different shades of foundation. Time magazine claims that cosmetic startups are “one of the 25 best inventions in 2017.” According to reports, the cosmetics company earned about $100 million in the first 40 days after its launch.

Underwear is a phenomenon celebrated around the world

Underwear is a phenomenon celebrated around the world, but until recently, I have not realized that no one celebrates underwear like an Italian. I had the privilege of participating in one of Italy’s most popular lingerie brands Intimissimi’s F/W 18/19
fashion show. It seems that walking on the streets of Verona, eating ice cream, getting
VIP treatment from the lovely team is not enough, I have to talk to all the underwear
one by one with the world famous It girl and Italian superstar Chiara Ferragni. After I
arrived, Ferragni immediately stood up and greeted me. Wearing a transparent long-
sleeved black Intimissimi bodysuit and fashionable black trousers, I guessed the costume
I chose for the second time.

But we started talking about it very quickly, when I asked about the most popular
underwear styles she recently saw in Italy. She seems very happy to answer. “Underwear
as a jacket,” she told me. “This is one of the biggest trends, I like it very much. For
example, I like tights. In general, wear more casual pants or skirts because they feel
feminine, they feel sexy, but at the same time, they are very Comfortable, makes you
feel more confident. I think it’s important not only to focus on the trend, but also to
really understand which way is best for your size and confidence, because if you feel
comfortable, you will never have to try too much. You will lose the beautiful look.”
As for her favorite style of Intimissimi, Ferragni has a clear winner. “I like Irina
leotard because it’s always with me. I don’t usually wear it because it’s a bit sexy,
but it’s awesome. It’s a piece of my color. I always It’s easy to wear with jeans, and
you will immediately feel the surprise.”

Remember, my friends, because the clothes she just described are by far the most
approachable, if you are ready to wear your underwear as a coat. In addition to tights,
there are other works that can be used to participate in the lingerie trends that
Italian girls know and love, including bra tops, dresses and more.

In front, look at the women who participated in the Intimissimi show, wearing a variety
of underwear as a coat and making sure to buy our favorite Intimissimi works at your

Timeless beauty: The 58-year-old model who worked with Kate Moss

and Naomi Campbell wore very pure underwear because she starred in the amazing unadorned underwear activities.
Mercy Brewer, a model in his fifties, launched a new lingerie campaign for a lingerie and swimwear brand called Lonely, which is based in New Zealand.
Originally from Scotland, the model began her career in London in the 1980s, working with 44-year-old Kate Moss and 48-year-old Naomi Campbell.
She later moved to New Zealand with her husband in the early 21st century, still a model
Mercy played an amazing new sport in the sheer underwear collection, and she saw that she shaped several designs, including a transparent bra stitched with flowers.
A 58-year-old model starred in an amazing, undecorated lingerie campaign – making it clear that there is truly beauty in the aging.

Mercy Brewer offers Lonely a sheer underwear set, Lonely is a New Zealand swimwear and lingerie brand.

Originally from Scotland, the model began its career in London in the 1980s – previously modeled with 44-year-old Kate Moss and 48-year-old Naomi Campbell.
Mercy moved to New Zealand with her husband in the early 21st century and has been working as a model.

The white-haired 5’10’ model had previously worked with Lonely on an event launched last March.

Lonely decided to invite her again to provide more visibility to those who do not always dominate the mainstream media and advertising campaigns.

“I’m really flattered,” Mercy said in Newcastle’s My Heels Are Killing Me podcast because she first recalled Lonely’s decision to invite her.

The model also participated in the fashion show, including the New Zealand Fashion Week in August this year.
For her new event, Mercy mimicked a transparent nude bra and panties with yellow flowers, and a green underwear with mesh.

Other shots saw her wearing a black lace bra and coordinated high-waisted panties, her hair pulled back from her face.

Overall, Mercy said she received “very good feedback” about her career, but she told Radio Newcastle that she had had a shocking experience on the catwalk.

“I was booked for a fashion show. It was one of the open air activities. When I went out, there were a few young people, maybe in their twenties. A little drunk, they laughed,” she said.

The podcast included some insults that Mercy received that day when the young man called her “grandmother” and said she was “disgusting.”

“INTIMATE DETAIL” is real, daunting and inclusive.

Like many others, I have a complex relationship with my body and underwear. I feel that my skin is not suitable. I have always felt that my limbs, my breasts and my butt have been subjected to objective pity and subsequent attacks. Buying underwear seems to be a step in my female stage, I am not ready – I am not doing it for myself. I am staring at the garter, steel bra and thong to debate whether my boyfriend will want me more, if I am wrapped in silk and tortured me still in the arms of development.

I am not ready to celebrate my body, nor are I ready to regain any sex after being hurt too many times. Unless I feel pain, I feel disconnected from my body. The pain reminds me that I have meat, bones and blood. But decorating myself is only recently coming to me and I am only looking for underwear now so I feel that I respect myself.

Cora Harrington’s “In Intimate Detail” is a book I want to have when I buy practical underwear or other people’s fun. Over the years, Harrington’s website, The Lingerie Addict, has provided a space for beginners and lingerie enthusiasts, with important content about our skin every day. In her first book, she gave the reader a detailed world of content, no judgment, shame, and no idea that we wear it to “fix” our body.

Like her website, “In Intimate Detail” is thorough, thoughtful and inclusive. It provides tips for buying adhesives, if you add size, how to buy bras, after mastectomy/surgery, if your breasts are enlarged, or transgender women and non-dual people should know the first to buy them Bra. It is difficult to find information about underwear, including not only physical disabilities, but also transgender people. Harrington ensures that we have a space where we feel welcome, loved and celebrated.
The whole book feels like a treasure itself, Sandy Wirt’s watercolor art is an amazing sight, the page feels elegant and beautiful. Reading it feels like a luxurious experience, and our perception of underwear is expanded and enriched by Harrington’s rich knowledge and passion. Readers can fully understand the technical structure of the bra, help us identify which type is suitable for our breast shape and size, and we have the opportunity to learn more about the actual history of underwear, including early underwear used to be “open gusset” or flawless Because it is considered more hygienic and modest!

One of my favorite chapters is Harrington’s casual wear guide. Although buying bras and underwear always makes me feel uncomfortable, but vests, petticoats and pajamas are easier to understand, I really think I bought for myself rather than for others. One of my favorite historical facts from my introduction to pajamas is that pajamas (or pajamas) are everyday clothes from India that were later introduced to Europeans in the 17th century. In fact, Harrington elaborated that most casual wear was not invented by Europeans [insert shocked face].

I think my view of the underwear world, from bras to home clothes, if I read Harrington many years ago, I would be ashamed of wanting to feel sexy, I will feel very different. “Intimate details” offers more possibilities and expands our thinking about wearing pretty lingerie, not for others, not for being like others, but for expanding ourselves, making ourselves and ourselves Joy and happiness. Harrington personally wrote: “We often encourage ourselves to stick to the end. Put our needs, desires and wishes behind others. But underwear is a way of putting yourself first. This is a kind of care. Be yourself, be kind to yourself, and nourish yourself. You deserve to celebrate your body, like your underwear, and care for and pamper yourself with the best underwear you can afford.”

Rihanna releases a barbaric beast in the latest lingerie collection

Rihanna releases the beasts in the lush tropical land and turns into arid desert. Women of all shapes, sizes and colors wiggle, squeak, play, and track animals like lace, fishnets and satin. Bringing a jewel-like glow to her second season savage x Fenty.

As New York Fashion Week ended on Wednesday, she built a pond, hydroponics, mobile plant biodiversity and plant growth stations deep in a huge building at the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard, with 50 appearances showing her exoticism. Tray, underwear and pajamas world. .

“My mission is to make women around the world feel comfortable and sexy, and enjoy the fun of underwear,” pop stars, fashion experts and beauty tycoons told the Associated Press backstage after a unique show of cheering her crowd. “I think that tonight is just one of the experiences I want people to feel about energy. I hope they can feel all the different body types, and all the different women are at different stages of women.”

Rihanna’s “Beast” tattoo. They included two pregnant women to show off their swollen belly in a proud way. The other is a neon green nymph. The famous model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid are there, the former is brown and the Bella is soft blue.

At New York Fashion Week, Rihanna showed women’s beasts of all shapes, sizes and colors in her second season Savage x Fenty lingerie collection. (September 13)

Everyone is slowly arranging through the dance, some under the waterfall. In an animal-filled activity, the green plants surround the two dome structures, moving slowly as Rihanna’s female enters and exits. At other times, women gather to explore their body trio. A person is very good at splitting.

Gigi Hadid shaped the shape of Savage X Fenty before the end of Fashion Week at the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard

Rihanna explained: “When you hear the word barbarian, it is self-evident.” “This is a confident word. This is a fearless word, I think the woman tonight represents the word, Barbaric, I think every woman has a brutal heart, whether they find it or not. It is there.”

The Savage x Fenty collection is suitable for autumn and winter seasons. It combines street style and the bedroom can be placed at any time and can be purchased immediately after the show. It has a variety of neon lights, animal prints, nude and neutral colors, as well as emeralds, rubies and amethysts. Compared to her first very successful season, there are some new contours that are cut very high on the legs.

15 models wore underwear on the runway

15 models wore underwear on the runway: Who said underwear is only suitable for the bedroom? These models look hot and hot, only swinging on the runway in bras and panties. Take a look!

I am confident in running on anything, not to mention underwear! But during the fashion week, the models had almost no underwear and looked great. In fact, 30-year-old Rihanna first launched her Savage x Fenty collection at NYFW on September 12th, and sent gorgeous women of all shapes and colors to the lingerie fashion show. Slick Woods is one of two pregnant models, even given to her baby after the show! In addition to the black pie and the openwork lace, she also showed off her huge baby bump on the runway. The 23-year-old sister Gigi and the 21-year-old Bella Hadid walked the same show in gorgeous light blue and forest green suits.
Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, etc.
Because they are now Victoria’s secret fashion show veterans, it is not surprising to see the performance of these two people in underwear! Every year, lingerie companies play their incredible fashion shows, featuring models such as Karlie Kloss, Behati Prinsloo and Candice Swaneopoel. Whether they are wearing jewellery worth $10 million or wearing colorful cheeky underwear, they will always blow away the audience. Not only do they show off endless legs and bright colors, but they also seem to be exploding because they smile and pose for the camera.

We admire their strong confidence! Although many models and celebrities wear bras and underwear sets on magazines and Instagram, this is a completely different ball game that can bring the same look to the runway. This means that stars can’t use Photoshop or pick their favorite shots from 100 – their underwear walking is real and in front of the audience.

We want to encourage them to be so brave and show so much skin in high-profile catwalks. Their physical confidence is as important as their amazing costumes!