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Rihanna releases the beasts in the lush tropical land and turns into arid desert. Women of all shapes, sizes and colors wiggle, squeak, play, and track animals like lace, fishnets and satin. Bringing a jewel-like glow to her second season savage x Fenty.

As New York Fashion Week ended on Wednesday, she built a pond, hydroponics, mobile plant biodiversity and plant growth stations deep in a huge building at the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard, with 50 appearances showing her exoticism. Tray, underwear and pajamas world. .

“My mission is to make women around the world feel comfortable and sexy, and enjoy the fun of underwear,” pop stars, fashion experts and beauty tycoons told the Associated Press backstage after a unique show of cheering her crowd. “I think that tonight is just one of the experiences I want people to feel about energy. I hope they can feel all the different body types, and all the different women are at different stages of women.”

Rihanna’s “Beast” tattoo. They included two pregnant women to show off their swollen belly in a proud way. The other is a neon green nymph. The famous model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid are there, the former is brown and the Bella is soft blue.

At New York Fashion Week, Rihanna showed women’s beasts of all shapes, sizes and colors in her second season Savage x Fenty lingerie collection. (September 13)

Everyone is slowly arranging through the dance, some under the waterfall. In an animal-filled activity, the green plants surround the two dome structures, moving slowly as Rihanna’s female enters and exits. At other times, women gather to explore their body trio. A person is very good at splitting.

Gigi Hadid shaped the shape of Savage X Fenty before the end of Fashion Week at the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard

Rihanna explained: “When you hear the word barbarian, it is self-evident.” “This is a confident word. This is a fearless word, I think the woman tonight represents the word, Barbaric, I think every woman has a brutal heart, whether they find it or not. It is there.”

The Savage x Fenty collection is suitable for autumn and winter seasons. It combines street style and the bedroom can be placed at any time and can be purchased immediately after the show. It has a variety of neon lights, animal prints, nude and neutral colors, as well as emeralds, rubies and amethysts. Compared to her first very successful season, there are some new contours that are cut very high on the legs.

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