Lingerie expired 6 big signs, one should throw it!

I know that the most happy for women is to make their beauty. Bags, skirts, and my heart always want to buy buy, in exchange for, but every day to wear personal underwear is not too heart. How long can a lingerie wear? A year or two? In fact, not, underwear also has a shelf life of this argument, if the shelf life of the underwear will not only play a protective role on the chest, there may be some unhealthy effects, so if your underwear the following six cases, then really Is out of date.

1, wear very uncomfortable
Lace with lace underwear, after repeated cleaning will become rough, repeated friction to stimulate the breast skin may cause redness, allergies, severe injury may be broken.

2, shoulder strap is often loose or left indentation on the shoulder
Shoulder straps must be tightened to support the chest, but too tight will let the shoulder under great pressure, if often these two cases, even if the adjustment can not improve, it is recommended to change the chest to avoid a mountain.

3, hands up when the underwear ran up
When the action is a big, it felt the underwear has been deviated from the original position, which represents the bottom of the underwear loose, has lost some of the original Breast, covered the effect; walking in the street to adjust the underwear a little embarrassing …

4, underwear shrinking, wear too small
Underwear once after several cleaning is likely to shrink, especially cotton underwear. At this time the underwear to wear will be very uncomfortable, tight chest led to the blood does not circulate, in addition to may cause breast disease, but also may cause back pain, and even let the breast spill and produce deputy milk.

5, underwear has lost flexibility
With the day of cleaning, exposure and wear, a long time will inevitably lead to lower elasticity or even deformation of the underwear, the coating effect is worse, to know underwear strap or strap loss of flexibility, it means difficult to support Breast, sagging phenomenon will inevitably appear.

6, steel ring pierced fabric
Once the lingerie manufacturer China steel ring piercing the fabric is likely to carelessly stabbed to the meat, it is easy to let the breast injury, do not because of the thrifty and then ring back the ring, which is very dangerous!

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