Nurse uniforms are perhaps the best known fantasy lingerie. They are easy to find and fairly inexpensive. Nurse uniforms come in a wide variety of styles, some of which are perfect for Halloween parties and other get-togethers, while others are suitable only for the bedroom. However, there is an entire world of fantasy lingerie with which you may be less familiar. To broaden your knowledge, why not gather your girlfriends together for a fantasy lingerie party? Here is what you need to know to throw a bash your friends are not likely to forget.

No occasion is really necessary to throw a great lingerie party. However, an upcoming occasion will give the party a theme and a focus. Bridal showers, birthdays, and many other celebrations lend themselves particularly well to a fantasy lingerie party.

Although a fantasy lingerie party could be thrown almost anywhere, if you have the funds consider renting a hotel suite. Make it a girls’ weekend away, perhaps in the nearest big city.

Fantasy lingerie can be expensive. Have each girl buy one costume to bring. Set rules on the purchase to make it into a game, whether you set a dollar limit or a ban on well-known costumes such as nurse uniforms and French Maid costumes.

Open some wine or a bottle of your favourite liquor, and then bring on the costumes! Depending on your friends’ preferences, you may want to model the costumes or simply hold them up for inspection. If you and your friends happen to be the same size, you could even have a white elephant exchange of costumes. However, fantasy lingerie should fit well, so this will not work for groups of women of differing sizes.

The party should naturally segue into stories about the item’s purchase, other items that were for sale at the same shop and so forth. Many women are uncomfortable with the idea of introducing fantasy lingerie into their personal lives, and the fantasy lingerie party provides the perfect venue for dispersing awkwardness and nerves. Your friends will give you advice, tell you how a costume looks, and allow you to become more comfortable with the general idea of fantasy lingerie.

A fantasy lingerie party is a wonderful and unusual event for women of all ages. Whether you and your friends are naturally wild and looking for even more extreme ideas or normally conservative and hoping to branch out a bit, a fantasy lingerie party can broaden your horizons and give you a new perspective. Combined with a girls’ weekend away, it can also provide great memories and fabulous stories to tell your grandchildren someday.

Nurse uniforms and French maid costumes are popular and easy to find. However, there is a whole world of fantasy lingerie with which you may not be familiar. To expand your horizons, why not throw a fantasy lingerie party? You will learn from each other while creating memories to last a lifetime.