12 sexy bras and panties she actually wants to wear

So you bought her some underwear. Special, laced, and maybe even ruffled. She looks great. But no matter what happens, it will disappear into a drawer, where it is not touched, and you want to know what is wrong with it, or with you, or with her.
You may think that the underwear is wrong. This is not only for special occasions, it only needs to be removed immediately. Underwear has a specific purpose: to make her feel sexy and tempting, while also providing comfort and practicality.
This is what Michelle Cordeiro Grant, founder and CEO of the successful lingerie startup Lively, believes. She said she used to put two rows of bras in her drawer: a sexy and “super boring” bra. “I think, ‘Let’s put the two together.'”
Women want two things in underwear: comfort and fashion. But not just any style – their own style. Underwear is “the first thing a woman wears and her last thing,” said Dr. Fillno, a professor of cultural studies at the University of Fresno, Jill Fields, who is the author of “Intimate Events: Women,” Lingerie and Sex. . “This is closely related to the most intimate aspects of her body.”
Therefore, if it does not meet her self-awareness, it will detract from her happiness. “Underwear shouldn’t be contoured and pushed and pulled, which will drive ‘this is not my body’,” Grant said. She may be looking for something that can be integrated into many aspects of her life: she can wear cosmetics, dolls and silky pajamas, as well as vests and mini dresses that are worn during the day. Eberjey’s co-founder Mariela Rovito said looking for soft fabrics such as modal, pima cotton, jersey and stretch lace.
If you want to buy her underwear, this is great. Just don’t forget that you bought this for her, not you. Dr. Stephen Snyder, a New York City therapist, said: “Men mistakenly believe that women wearing underwear can make them look irresistible.” “The truth is, this is just a side benefit. Most women wear it for themselves. it.”
This is good for her sex life and your sex life. So start shopping.

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