Do you wear it like this?

The above method is to first lingerie in the chest buckle, then the underwear to the back, and put on the shoulder strap.
Or so wear?

The second method is to wear the underwear from the front, and then fasten the hook after the hook, buckle the body before the forward, and the chest allocated to the bra.


In fact, this is the right thing to wear

The left side of the method is actually correct Oh, if the first underwear in the chest buckle, after wearing and then turn to the rear, in the process of turning, it is easy to let underwear deformation, but also friction to the skin, over time, the skin may Will therefore break the skin. And the first underwear from the front cover, not only will not rub to the skin, but also better to the chest allocated to the bra.

In addition to these also pay attention
In addition to the right way to wear underwear, you should also pay attention to underwear material, size and shoulder strap position. Some people will feel like the size of almost like, in fact, only the difference is also a lot worse, if long wear with their cups underwear, the chest will be easy to deformation, resulting in external expansion or sagging situation.

If you are prone to skin allergies or rash, but also pay attention to the selection of materials, like the summer can choose more breathable cool underwear, or are stuffy inside, not only produce odor, it is easy to red itchy. In addition, the shoulder strap position should be adjusted according to their own shape, too tight or too loose is not good, you can put on, a little activity about the upper body to see if it will not shift, if also obediently Stay in place, that you adjust the location is correct Oh!

If you have trouble, you can also choose no shoulder strap underwear, with a variety of clothes, but also very beautiful

Underwear is really very important way to wear, lingerie manufacturer do not pay attention to the chest will be deformed, but also take a long time to correct back, it is better to look at their own way from now on, but also tell your friends, right underwear The way.