It’s hard to remember that celebrities are not always naked in public, but there have been times when there was a milder, less cold. Before the rise of a pure dress or #freethenipple movement, even the little thing called a side chest, a brave woman chose to give up the functional cover and proudly use her underwear as a coat for everyone to see. Therefore, stars and trends have been born.
This may be accidental, but we may let Barbra Streisand appreciate the visible lingerie trend. Streisand did not know that the bright lights at the Oscars would make her fashion-forward sequin sailor suit transparent. But it didn’t feel too bad for her – that night, she also left because of the funny girl’s best actress award.
This is not the first time nor the last time the icon is wearing a bra-like top, but it is definitely the greatest. And maybe the smallest one, considering what we know about underdelivery.
Since the uterus, Madonna has always advocated underwear as a coat. However, this virgin bride’s styling still caused a huge sensation, not only because its sexy style was too obvious, but also because Mudge wore it to perform “like a virgin” while on a huge wedding cake. Wriggle. You are your, girl.
Yes, we have already mentioned Cher’s influence on the “Bra as a shirt” movement, but without the absolute iconic Bob Mackie number, it is impossible to talk about the underwear-style red carpet appearance. Although to be honest, Mohawk’s feathers almost made us forget this dress. almost.
Is she because she just realized that she left her shirt at home? Or maybe it was because she misread the “red carpet” as a “magic carpet”? We can’t help but wonder… WTF is wearing this dress?
There are parachute pants at the bottom and a Victorian corset at the top!
McGowan is definitely the first person to take the initiative to choose the red carpet, the breast is exposed behind, her rear full view. Although your date, Marilyn Manson, is wearing a rainbow-colored pimp suit, we think you have to do something to get noticed.
The nipple cream makes sense. Shoulders and elbows? We still have questions.
Interesting fact: Many people are looking for photos of this sexy robe-style dress after the debut of the red carpet, which stimulated the creation of Google Images. Thank you JLo and Versace.
On the seventh day, God created Beyonce and wore casual boots and a leather bra.