The bride shower is traditionally the new life of the bride as a wife. Here, friends and family work with her tools – from sexy lingerie to the oven. But like most traditions, etiquette rules also apply to wedding gifts.

In an excerpt from “The Everything Wedding Shower Book” by Jennifer Jenkins, you’ll find answers to the seven most common bridal gift questions. From the responsibility of the host to finding something on the registry, it is there. This is the ins and outs of learning the bride’s gift!

Has the owner traditionally received a gift from the bride?
The hostess is used to giving gifts to the bride, just like everyone else. You may want to coordinate buying a big gift, or you might want to give her some small but very good things, if the shower lets you recover your finances.

We all want to buy a big present. How do we deal with it?
Does your bride need a refrigerator? washer and dryer? What ceramic kiln does she want to do? Getting a big gift is exciting! Even without a shower, you can easily leave this part of the shower to the bride.

Here’s how to get money from people: tell them you want to buy Rita and John washers and dryers. If they know that this is a big project, they may spend more than $20 to buy the gifts they plan to spend. When they hand the money to you, hand them a card to sign.

What if you pass all guests and your cash is still below personal comfort? Try calling one or two big donors again, or call the groom’s mom and dad. If you pass all the guests and your expenses exceed their prices, please purchase the relevant items: cookware (if it is a stove); laundry basket, clothespins, washing powder, if it is a washing machine and dryer.

Even if you have to write some names yourself, make sure that each sender has his or her own name.
When is the gift open?
She can open the gift before or after the food supply, but may not be in this period. Think about your shower time: Will guests get greedy when they arrive there? If it is a light meal, will the food get cold when waiting?

What is the best way to record her gift?
Copy the list of visitors. Next to each guest’s name, there is a line that allows others to write down who gave what. Another method is to collect the cards attached to the gift and note the items on the back of each card. Alternatively, you can prepare a piece of paper and a pen for the guest sitting next to the bride.

Know this: your bride won’t remember, you won’t, so don’t rely on memory!

How should I let my customers know that they need to bring a gift?
Most people know that when they take a shower, they should have a gift – this is the lore of American women. So you don’t need to write anything specific unless it’s a subject shower, in which case you need specific subject requirements. (Example: Just Lingerie, kitchen utensils, books, orange stuff, etc.) It is expected that the location of the shower guest for wedding registration is very suitable.

In this way, Brenda flew from Tulsa to take a shower. She had never seen a bride when she was 14 years old. They will know what kind of items the bride is doing now. You should list the location and contact information for the wedding registry. Even if guests don’t buy something from the registry, if they take the time to investigate, they will let them know her taste. If they don’t, it’s the purpose of the return!

What type of gift is appropriate?
The most traditional gift of a wedding shower is the home of a newlyweds. At the theme or gay party, the gift matches the theme.

What if my bride does not have an office?
If your bride does not have a registration form, it may be because she looks embarrassed. Maybe she didn’t think of it. Maybe she doesn’t have time. Maybe she just doesn’t want to.

In fact, as long as it is explained to your bride, she will save three things by going to the store and setting up a wedding registry: First, she will save the guest from her wedding or shower because they don’t have to make a fuss and hope to get her. What you want. Many people don’t know what to buy for others or how to figure out what others want.