The store will provide survivors with a customized mastectomy laboratory, as well as a beverage station and two additional oversized fitting rooms.
Glenndon, MD – A new lingerie boutique designed for breast cancer survivors, just a few weeks from Woodmore town centre in Glenarden, Maryland.

For Dr. D. Jasmine Jones, Miss America, and Dr. Regina Hampton, a breast care surgeon at the Doctor Community Hospital, this is a dream come true.
“We want every woman to feel beautiful, confident and sexy again,” Jones said, and she let her grandmother lose her breast cancer.

On October 28th, the two will open Cherry Blossom Intimates, a boutique for mastectomy products, including bra accessories and custom prosthetic services.


The store will feature a beverage station, two oversized fitting rooms with long velvet curtains and a storage space for thousands of bras for women of all shapes and sizes.

A mastectomy fitting room will also be customized for the survivor, one of Jones’ favorite stores.

Jones said: “For women with breast cancer, they can enter and install bras in private spaces, or they can install custom prostheses.”

When Jones took WUSA9 to the store, which was still under construction, she talked about her grandmother’s shopping struggle after mastectomy.
“She never found a bra that fits or matches her complexion,” Jones said, remembering how frustrating it was to her grandmother. “Finally, she just stopped the prosthesis together.”

“She passed away and never had a perfect fitness experience,” she said. “To commemorate her and to commemorate her, this is why we have this store.”

Cherry Blossom Intimates’ bra sizes range from 28 AA to 54 Q. No appointment is required. Women will have the opportunity to choose prosthetics from more than 40 shades of nudity, including custom nipples that are hard to find.

This is a far cry from the medical supplies store, where Jones says women like her grandmother have to go shopping.

“We feel it is time for all women to know to check their breasts,” said Jones, who also wants women to know that she and Dr. Hampton are here to help survivors actively experience.
Last year, Jones met with representatives of 20 states to promote the Breast Cancer Equality Act (H.R.6980), which was recently submitted to the US House of Representatives in a bipartisan manner.

If passed, it will expand coverage of health insurance, including custom breast implants, as a choice for women recovering from mastectomy.

“This is not about the money at the end of the day,” Jones said. “This is to help women.