We would be the first to agree that glitter makeup isn’t for everybody. But you’ll want to check out these glitter eyeshadow tips before you try the next fleck full look for those of you beauty gurus who aren’t afraid to bring a lot of sparkles into the beauty routine, whether that’s regular or occasionally. We rounded up our favorite glitter eyeshadow to shop on the internet beforehand, and we guarantee that you will find yourself completely intrigued by every sparkle.


Create waves with Aquarium Liquid Glitter Brush Provided by Lime Abuse. These super soft , fluffy makeup brushes cover all your beauty needs and sparkle when you’re working with beautiful glittering handles. Consider getting a versatile make up brush set for your glitter eye shadows look. It will provide so much inspo and delight.


Turn your way into eyes smooth, soothed and polished. Stila’s One Stage Perfect Eye Serum is a triple-swirled mixture of peach tones to make the delicate eye region ideal, remove dark circles, brighten and hydrate. An exclusive Elderflower Complex and Caffeine help depuff the fragile skin around the eyes and sooth. Unlike conventional primers, this revolutionary serum has a crystal-clear translucent foundation, made up of 50 percent mineral water that refreshes the eye region, giving it a hydration and radiance feel. You got to invest in some eye serum primer before applying your glitters.


BECCA’s Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder, which is specially formulated for the under-eye region, instantly reflects light to brighten the eyes while setting your color corrector and concealer. This finely-milled, lightweight, velvety-soft powder contains micro-fine blurring pearls that shine through the eyes by deflecting light away from the darkness to keep eyes naturally brightened all day. You will need an eye foundation to set the mood.

BECCA Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder

Look up a notch with Stila The Highest Realm Package, a trio of long-wearing, celestial shadows flying in scale. Infused with a dazzling blend of pearl and glitter, the luxuriously lightweight , compact formulations radiate the most exquisite sparkle. Featuring all the new shades in limited edition, exclusive to this collection only. Finally get your dreamy glitter eyeshadow set.