Do you want to empower yourself knowing exactly how to choose perfume? We teach. With so many options being launched, knowing how to choose the perfect perfume has become increasingly complicated – but no less enjoyable.

The important thing is to get to know yourself, to know what you like, which ingredients are your favorites, to observe which perfumes you use or have used and to try to understand them olfactively (find out what your perfume notes are, which ingredients are part of composition, what memories they bring, etc.)

Skin test

Applying the perfume on your skin, clean and without residues of any other fragrance, is the most correct way to know if you will really like that smell or not. “It is no use smelling your friend, reading or relying only on olfactory tapes / strips. The same smell varies a lot from person to person depending on the type of skin, lifestyle, food, among other factors”. It also varies the way to make the perfume last longer.

Less is more

The ideal is to smell the perfumes on the olfactory strips first, select the ones that please you the most, and then test on the skin only three or at most four in the same day. Always with clean skin, without perfume, ideally in the morning when the smell is less saturated.

Count to 10

That done, there’s nothing like waiting a few minutes to find out how the perfume evolves on your skin. Perfumes have notes that evaporate at different stages, so the smell you feel the moment you apply it to your skin is not the same smell you will feel afterwards. So, taking advantage when you are away from home, why not take a walk, spend more time in contact with the perfume, and then return with your choice made?

Perfume for work

If you know how to choose the right fragrance, you get freshness, extra energy and seductive air for happy hour. Every day, one day. In the same way that we can show up at the office every day with a cool and modern look, we can also vary and send different messages with your perfume at work. The goal is to be engaging, powerful and full of energy for the meeting of the new project, for lunch with the team, for feedback with the boss. What about?

How to make the perfume last longer?

Who doesn’t love to live fragrant? But as you can’t walk around with a bottle of perfume on your shoulder, we decided to find out the best way to make the perfume last longer.

Where to apply the perfume?

For the perfume to last longer, it is recommended to apply it on the parts of the body that pulsate and heat the most: wrists (without rubbing them), neck and also behind the knees. Another trick on how to make the perfume last is to reapply it throughout the day, which is the best way to smell it all day. Another tip is to splash a little perfume on the clothes, taking care with the fabric, so as not to stain.

What are the biggest mistakes when applying perfume?

In addition to rubbing the perfume on your wrists, another mistake that can happen, if your intention is to make the perfume last longer, is to apply a moisturizer with an intense fragrance and then apply a perfume ‘on top’. The combination of the two may not be good. The suggestion is to use a cream of the same fragrance to enhance the perfume.