Women in the process of growing up, there will be a lot of time. For example, just the development of the girl period, the beginning of the mother’s lactation, middle-aged, and so on. Then the choice of underwear in the above, it should be selected according to their own. Different underwear has different effects, there are Bra-style underwear, there are specifically designed for sports sports underwear.
Youth vitality girl

Chinese girls breast development occurs mostly in the 9-11 years old, this period of girls, are often more shy, do not want to let others see their own changes. So when you choose underwear will be more cautious!

The new solid color light simple fashion girls bra underwear
This underwear is very suitable for the development of girls, in color and style above are relatively simple and generous. Mold cup is a relatively thin style, just to meet the needs of young girls, will not let people aware of their own changes. The mouth has a lace design, girl full of feeling. Chicken heart of the bow, is also very cute cute.

The new summer soft modal no steel ring girls bra underwear
Girl is always naive and romantic, this underwear with a striped pattern, simple and generous. Smooth material in the wear when the tights will not print the shape of underwear. No steel ring is very important for girls, because it will not bring too much restraint and pressure to the breast.

Solid color movement series
This underwear with a bold hit color design, cool full. Vest style, not only wear more convenient, the role of the breast is also more obvious, not because of excessive movement and up and down the chatter, for the breast, can play a very good protective effect. Back cross with the design, but also outline the back curve, very sexy.

One-piece Seamless Lingerie No Bracket Bra Brake Girl Yoga Sports Bra Summer Summer Bra
This underwear Xiaobian favorite is no sewing design, wear skin without any sense of excitement, smooth and soft, able to carefully care of our skin. Using a new material, very breathable sweat.

Many breast-feeding mothers will be troubled, when the milk is not very difficult to unlock the underwear, this underwear easy to solve your troubles.

Double buckle is designed to be very human, in the feeding time, one hand can unlock the buckle! Many lactating mothers will appear milk leakage situation, this underwear and anti-galactorosum pad can be interchange with, to reduce the number of replacement underwear. In addition, the use of four-sided elastic fabric, breathable, more flexible, able to fit the mother’s physical changes, wear more comfortable.