For those who like simple, comfortable and modern combinations in any situation of the day, betting on basic and detailed pieces is essential. That’s because, you can put together a casual look to use on a daily basis. And so that you can create a balanced composition with casual clothes, we have prepared a special article, with casual look ideas from simple clothes that all women have in the closet.

What makes up a casual look?

To know how to put together a smart casual look, it is important to know what this style means. Basically, it features simple pieces that harmonize perfectly on several occasions. However, don’t forget that the main thing is to act according to your taste and preference. If you want to create light and simple compositions, but at the same time they are modern and sophisticated, bet on accessories and items that help to make the look more and more complete.

So, check below all the inspirations that we have separated specially for you, with basic pieces and wild cards of the day, whether to stay at home, work or go out with friends. Come on?

Top usage tips

Bet on the jeans fabric

To start your composition of a casual female look, how about betting on jeans? It is an extremely practical, versatile and comfortable fabric. And the best thing is that with jeans you can make various combinations easily and without having to spend a lot of time in production. Also, do you know what is best? Jeans are a timeless fabric, which means that it doesn’t matter the season. Whether through pants or a skirt, or even an all jeans look, with this fabric you have a casual female outfit.

Prioritize comfort

Do you know what goes well with trendy pieces? The comfort. No matter what the situation, the key is to feel at ease. Comfy fashion is an option that has several examples of women’s casual clothes, ranging from trousers without ties at the waist to rotting sweatshirts and tank tops.

And if you’re still in doubt, invest in materials that are softer, more pliable and that give you more flexibility. You know that piece that doesn’t bother any part of your body and at the same time leaves you stripped and modern? This is the ideal piece.

Invest in prints

And if you like prints, know that it is an excellent way to create and innovate in your style, even with more discreet and simple pieces. Stripes, floral and even plaid are options that go perfectly with shirts, skirts, shorts and T-shirts.

Footwear should be basic and comfortable

Sneakers are one of the most comfortable shoes and match almost every production, following a casual look. A very interesting tip is to bet on printed models, which are trend and give an extra charm to the look.

Don’t you like tennis a lot? How about investing in a moccasin or sandals? They follow the pattern of a casual chic female look and are great to match environments that require more formality.